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Temples at Bagan, Myanmar


Rodney D. Fitzsimons

 Rodney D. Fitzsimons

 Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
 B.A., M.A. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Cincinnati)

 Life & Health Sciences DNA  ext.7264, Life & Health Sciences DNA C220, rodneyfitzsimons@trentu.ca

 Curriculum Vitae


Education History

Ph. D. in Classical Archaeology. Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1995-2006. “Monuments of Power and the Power of Monuments: The Evolution of Elite Architectural Styles at Bronze Age Mycenae,” supervised by Gisela Walberg, Jack L. Davis and Kathleen Lynch American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Student Associate Member, 2000-2001 (Jacob Hirsch Fellowship)

M. A. in Ancient Studies. Department of Fine Art History, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, 1993-1995, supervised by Joseph W. Shaw and Maria C. Shaw

B. A. in Classics. Department of Classics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, 1986-1992. Double Major in Greek & Roman History and Classical Civilization, Minor in Near Eastern Studies

Research Interests

Bronze Age and Iron Age Greece; architectural studies, energetics, monumental architecture; socio-political organisation, early state formation, urbanisation and urbanism; mortuary practices, funerary architecture; cultural identity, acculturation, ethnogenesis, hybridization


Professor Fizsimons has been at Trent University since 2004, first as a member of the Department of Ancient History & Classics (2004-2015), and more recently as a member of the Department of Anthropology. He is a prehistoric archaeologist whose research is based in the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Aegean and focuses on monumental architecture, funerary practices, socio-political and cultural identity, and early state formation. He has participated in a number of archaeological projects in Albania and Greece, including excavations at Kommos, Mallia, and Midea; since 2002, he has served as the site architect for the Azoria Project excavations at Azoria, Crete (Greece), and since 2009, has been co-director of the Ayia Irini Northern Sector Archaeological Project, based at Ayia Irini on the island of Kea (Greece). Before coming to Trent, he taught at Miami University of Ohio and Iowa State University, and was the Jacob Hirsch Fellow at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, and since his arrival here, he has taught courses on the archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean (the Greek and Roman worlds, the Bronze Age Aegean, Iron Age Greece, Archaic Crete, and ancient Athens), Greek literature and ancient Greek language, and has also led archaeological field schools at Azoria (2005, 2006, 2014, and 2015) and Ayia Irini (2010).

Selected Publications

FITZSIMONS, Rodney D. Forthcoming. “The Architecture.” In Halasmenos: Building A:2, edited by M.
Eaby, 43-56. Philadelphia: INSTAP Academic Press

Gorogianni, Evi and Rodney D. FITZSIMONS. In Press. “Social Complexity in MBA and LBA
Cyclades: A View from Ayia Irini.” In Explaining Change in Aegean Prehistory. Conference at the
University of Groningen, Netherlands, 17-18 October 2013, edited by C. Wiersma and S. Voutsaki,
124-158. Oxford: Oxbow

Gorogianni, Evi, Joanne Cutler, and Rodney D. FITZSIMONS. 2015. “Something Old, Something
New: Non-Local Brides as Catalysts for Cultural Exchange at Ayia Irini, Kea?” In Nostoi: Indigenous
Cultures, Migration and Integration in the Aegean Islands and Western Anatolia during the Late
Bronze Age and Early Iron Age. Proceedings of an International Conference Held at the Research
Center for Anatolian Civilizations, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey, March 31-April 3, 2011, edited by
N. Stampolidis, Ç. Maner, and K. Kopanias, 853-886. Istanbul: Koç University Press

FITZSIMONS, Rodney D. 2014. “An Energetic(s) Approach to Late Helladic Tomb Construction:
Funerary Architecture and State Formation at Bronze Age Mycenae.” In Meditations on the Diversity
of the Built Environment in the Aegean Basin and Beyond. Proceedings of a Colloquium in Memory of
Frederick E. Winter, Athens 22-23 June 2012, edited by D.W. Rupp and J. Tomlinson, 83-120.
Publications of the Canadian Institute in Greece 8. Athens: Canadian Institute in Greece.

FITZSIMONS, Rodney D. 2014. “Urbanization and the Emergence of the Greek Polis: The Case of
Azoria, Crete.” In Making Ancient Cities: Studies of the Production of Space in Early Urban
Environments, edited by A. Creekmore and K.D. Fisher, 288-338. Cambridge: Cambridge University

FITZSIMONS, Rodney D. 2011. “Monumental Architecture and the Construction of the Mycenaean
State.” In State Formation in Italy and Greece: Questioning the Neoevolutionist Paradigm, edited by
N. Terrenato and D.C. Haggis, 75-118. Oxford: Oxbow.

Haggis, Donald C., Margaret S. Mook, Rodney D. FITZSIMONS, C. Margaret Scarry and
Lynn M.Snyder. 2011. “The Excavation of Archaic Houses at Azoria in 2005-2006.” Hesperia 80: 431-

Haggis, Donald C., Margaret S. Mook, Rodney D. FITZSIMONS, C. Margaret Scarry, Lynn M. Snyder
and William C. West. 2011. “Excavations in the Archaic Civic Buildings at Azoria in 2005-2006.”
Hesperia 80: 1-70.

FITZSIMONS, Rodney D. 2007. “Architecture and Power in the Bronze Age Argolid.” In Power and
Architecture: Monumental Public Architecture in the Bronze Age Near East and Aegean. Proceedings
of the International Conference “Power and Architecture” organized by the Katholieke Universiteit
Leuven, the Université Catholique de Louvain and the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster on
the 21st and 22nd of November 2002, edited by J. Bretschneider, J.M. Driessen and K. Van
Lergerghe, 93-116. Leuven: Peeters Publishers.

Haggis, Donald C., Margaret S. Mook, C. Margaret Scarry, Lynn M. Snyder, Rodney D.
FITZSIMONS, Emmanuella Stephanakis and William C. West. 2007. “Excavations at Azoria in 2003
and 2004, Part 1: The Archaic Civic Complex.” Hesperia 76: 243-321.