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Temples at Bagan, Myanmar


Jennifer Moore

 Jennifer Moore

 Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
 B.A. (Wilfrid Laurier), M.A., Ph.D. (McMaster)

 Life & Health Sciences DNA C226, ext.6102,

 Research Interests: archaeology of ancient North Africa (c. 200 B.C.E.-300 C.E.), especially votive and funerary practices, pottery as an indicator of culture and economy, and cultural identityarchaeology of ancient North Africa (c. 200 B.C.E.-300  C.E.), especially votive  and funerary practices, pottery as an indicator of culture and economy, and cultural identity
Curriculum Vitae

Current Projects

I will be accepting graduate students to work with me on my current research projects, all of which are based on the archaeology of Punic and/or Roman North Africa and require proficiency in reading French:

  1. the economic and cultural ramifications of Roman pottery from Leptiminus, Tunisia;
  2. cultural identity as expressed on votive stelae from sanctuaries (a Latin reading ability would be beneficial for this topic); and terracotta figurines as offerings at sanctuaries and cemeteries.

Selected Publications

Mattingly, D.J., D.L. Stone, L.M. Stirling, J.P. Moore, A.I. Wilson, J.N. Dore, and N. Ben Lazreg. 2011. “Economy”, in Leptiminus (Lamta) Report No. 3: The Field Survey, by D.L. Stone, D.J. Mattingly, and N. Ben Lazreg. Journal of Roman Archaeology suppl. 87 (Portsmouth, RI: Journal of Roman Archaeology), 205-272.

Moore, J.P 2011. “The Caduceus in the Second Punic War”, in L’iconographie et Religions dans le Maghreb antique et médiéval. Actes du 1er colloque international organise par L’Institut Supérieur des Métiers du Patrimoine, Tunis 21-23 février 2008, ed. L. Ben Abed Saadallah (Tunis: L’Institut Supérieur des Métiers du Patrimoine), 7-18.

Moore, J.P. 2010 [2011]. “When Not Just Any Wine Will Do...? The Proliferation of Coan-type Wine and Amphoras in the Greco-Roman World”, Marburger Beiträge zur antiken Handels-, Wirtschaftsund Sozialgeschichte 28, 89-122.

Moore, J.P. 2010. “Naked Bull-Riding on Ceramic Products from Roman Africa”, in Africa Romana: I luoghi e le forme dei mestieri e della produzione nelle province africane, Atti del XVIII convegno di studio, Olbia, 11-14 dicembre 2008, eds. M. Milanese, P. Ruggeri, and C. Vismara (Rome: Carocci editore), 713-724.

Moore, J.P. 2009. “Antique Motifs on Early Roman Votive Stelae from Central Tunisia”, in V. Gaggadis-Robin et al., Les ateliers de sculpture régionaux: techniques, styles et iconographie. Actes du Xe Colloque international sur l’art provincial romain, Arles & Aix-en-Provence, 21-23 mai 2007 (France: Centre Camille Julien and Musée Départmental de l’Arles Antique), 455-464.

Moore, J.P. 2008. “Common Pottery Traditions of Tripolitania and Byzacena,” in Africa Romana, Le ricchezze dell’Africa. Risorse, produzioni, scambi. Atti del XVII convegno di studi, Sevilla, 14-17 dicembre 2006, 3 (Rome: Carocci editore), 2275-2286.

Moore, J.P. 2007. “The ‘Mausoleum Culture’ of Africa Proconsularis”, in Mortuary Landscapes of North Africa, eds. D.L. Stone and L.M. Stirling. Phoenix Supplement 43 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press), 75-109.

Ben Lazreg, N., S. Stevens, L. Stirling, and J. Moore. 2006. “Roman and Early Christian Burial Complex at Leptiminus (Lamta): Second Notice”, Journal of Roman Archaeology 19, 347-368.