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Student Wellness Centre

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Student Wellness Centre

Faculty Information

Submit Paper and Electronic Copies of Tests, Midterms and Exams

Tests, midterms and exams internally mailed to the Centre for Academic Testing (CAT) from the Print Shop. 

When you request your scantrons and tests please indicate, in the Print Shop Order 'Special requirements" Comment box, the following:

"Please send (number of tests, number of scantrons) to the Centre for Academic Testing in OC 211"

You may also drop off your tests during office hours in OC 211 or in the locked drop box just outside the entrance of OC 211 after office hours.

We require both a paper copy of the test per student as well as electronic copy of the test. Paper Copies and Electronic Copies must be submitted 72 hours (3 days) before the test date.

Microsoft Word documents are the preferred electronic format as they allow us to manipulate font size should it be necessary to meet a students accommodated need. 

Electronic copies of exams may be securely uploaded through the SAS Faculty Portal. There is a step-by-step guide available on how to upload tests and exams to the CAT using the SAS Faculty Portal available. 

Exam drop-off Checklist (fillable .pdf)  This exam checklist is now available in the SAS Faculty Portal. 

Pick up of Written Tests, Midterms and Exams

Once the test, or midterm is complete during the term you will be able to pick the test up from OC 211.

During the exam period we request that you pick up the completed tests the day following the exam being written.

If someone other than the Professor will be picking up the test, we require an email from the Professor confirming this individual.

Please remember to bring your photo I.D. for verification purposes.


SAS Faculty Portal

The SAS Faculty Portal provides a convenient ‘one stop shop’ for faculty information for students registered with SAS. When a faculty member logs into the portal, they are able to retrieve accommodation letters for students who have made accommodation requests for each of the courses they are instructing. Faculty can also view a list of upcoming accommodated quizzes, tests & exams scheduled to be written at the Centre for Academic Testing. 

The SAS Faculty Portal also provides a secure interface for sending electronic copies of exams directly to the CAT. You can upload copies of your exams, completed exam drop-off forms through the SAS Faculty Portal. Last minute revisions to a test you've already submitted? No worries! Simply log into the SAS Faculty Portal and delete the incorrect version of the test, and upload a revised copy! Please remember we will need updated paper copies of the revisions as well. Need some assistance? We have a step-by-step guide available that outlines how to upload tests and exams to the CAT using the SAS Faculty Portal available as a resource. We're also only a phone call away at extension 6135 should you have any additional questions!

Do you have one or more teaching assistants or alternate faculty/instructors who will be responsible for managing accommodations of students in your course? If the answer is ‘yes’ and they also have a Trent staff account from IT, we can manually assign them access to the faculty portal! As the primary course instructor, you will still receive both accommodation & test booking notifications, however simply reply to one of the SAS accommodation notifications with who requires access and to what course / section, and access can be provided


Missed Tests/Exams and Invigilation Services

The Centre for Academic Testing (CAT) in Peterborough coordinates accommodated exams, providing access and equal opportunity for students with disabilities.

Effective immediately, the CAT is no longer providing invigilation services for Trent students who are not registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) due to volume, coordination and capacity limitations.

When the instructor and SAS advisor support a deferred test/exam for a SAS-registered student, the test/exam can be scheduled at the CAT on deferred exam dates.

For students not registered with SAS, instructors are expected to schedule and invigilate any missed tests/exams for reasons deemed acceptable by the instructor. Questions about alternate exam requests can be discussed with your academic department. Exam regulations are outlined in the University Calendar, under the Formal Examination Period.