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Student Wellness Centre

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Student Wellness Centre

Audio Recording of Lectures


Digital audio recording of lectures may be recommended for students with documented sensory, physical mental health or cognitive disabilities. This accommodation is provided in accordance with the Customer Service and Access to Information Standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).


Students may require the use of an audio recording device for lecture or seminar material due to challenges in the following areas:

  • Poor short-term memory and/or working memory
  • Issues with focused and/or sustained attention
  • Slow information processing speed
  • Sensory loss
  • Reduced fine motor coordination or physical inability to write or type

Terms of Use

Students must agree to and sign an Audio Recording Contract, which outlines how this accommodation may and may not be used in accordance with the AODA, while respecting the Intellectual Property Rights to the material which rest with the faculty member. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Student Role

The student is advised to speak with their faculty member regarding their accommodation of audio recording in the context of the course. The student is responsible for bringing their own recording device to class (for example, a digital audio recorder, Livescribe Smartpen or other recording device indicated on their Accommodation Plan).

Faculty Role

The faculty member is responsible for reviewing a student’s accommodation contract. If they have questions or concerns about the use of audio recording, they are encouraged to contact the student’s SAS advisor to discuss how to meet the student’s need for accommodation while preserving the integrity of the course.

SAS Role

The SAS Advisor role is to support the faculty and student, and ensure that students’ need for accommodation is being met while also respecting academic integrity, privacy and intellectual property rights.