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TrentU Card

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TrentU Card

Managing Your TrentU Card Online

Logging in to your TrentU Card account through MyTrent allows you to make deposits, check your account balance, view your transaction history and deactivate your TrentU Card if it is lost or stolen. 


There are two types of accounts; Trent Cash and Taxable Dining.  Any cardholder can add funds to Trent Cash which can be used at various locations across campus.  Taxable Dining is the account where Dining Plan balances carry-forward automatically after your term in residence. 

Disputing Charges:

If you notice that one of your TrentU Card accounts has been charged for a transaction that you did not authorize, you must first try to settle the problem directly with the service provider.  If you are unable to successfully resolve a purchase disagreement with a service provider and you wish to dispute the charge deducted from your TrentU Card account, you must notify the TrentU Card Office in person within 14 calendar days of the date of the charge. 

Note:  Disputing a charge does not guarantee your account will be credited with the disputed amount.  Each disputed charge is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.