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Student Centre


Consultation Report

» Consultation Report, February 12, 2015

It is important that the views and priorities of the stakeholder community inform the planning and design of the Student Centre. The TCSA and the University hosted a series of opportunities for students, staff, faculty and alumni to ask questions about the project and provide input on key attributes of the new facility in January 2015:

  • Seven focus groups sessions were hosted by Trent University and the TCSA provided a forum for questions and answers about the project, and to gather stakeholder views on key attributes of the new Student Centre.  Sessions were held for students including each College, club and levy groups, the student community at large, and alumni, faculty and staff.
  • There was an online survey for all members of the Trent community probing views, preferences and priorities for the Student Centre.
  • Mobile information booths were set up in a range of high traffic areas on campus to provide information on the Student Centre and gather views and input from students and other stakeholders
  • Six user group sessions were hosted with stakeholders responsible for particular functions in the Student Centre to gather information on specific requirements

The consultations were facilitated by Educational Consulting Services Corp. led by Principal Brian Barron.