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Sociology at Trent

Here you will gain a better understanding of our world and your place within it.

Sociology will prepare you to think critically – the foundation for a successful future in government, journalism, health care, law, policy and more.

The study of Sociology at Trent is inspired by social justice, so your time here will take you a step further. A better understanding of our world, your place within it, and an examination of how you can make it better.

Gain first hand research experience working with experts in the fields of aging, law, medicine, popular culture and sexuality, and examine and explore in a supportive environment. Throughout your studies, you will collaborate in small classes and find yourself as part of a closely-knit community.  

Read more about the real-life skills and study our program offers, and how Sociology at Trent can prepare you for the future.

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Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies

Health Studies