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Campus Security

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Campus Security

Lost and Found

Campus Security is also responsible for looking after the University's Lost and Found service. Throughout the year numerous items including clothing, jewellery, textbooks, notes, identification, glasses, keys, etc., are turned into the office. All items are kept by Campus Security in a secure location for a period of 90 days and then disposed of according to policy. We tag all items and enter them into our database. If your name, student number, or telephone number is anywhere on the item we will do our best to get in touch with you by phone or email.

In the event you report a lost item to us and we do not have it, we will record your information and advise you via your Trent e-mail address if the item is found. Items often take time before they are delivered to the security office as there are several unofficial collection points (Library, College Offices).

To Make A Lost Report

Contact Campus Security:

In person:   Peterborough Security Office - Blackburn Hall Suite 104

                      Durham Security Office - Front Lobby 
Phone:         Peterborough 705-748-1328

                     Durham 905-435-5111 
Email:         security@trentu.ca (Peterborough)

                   oshawasecurity@trentu.ca (Oshawa)

Lost Something?

Retrace your steps: Visit classes/rooms that you have been in 
Talk to professors/TA’s/ staff who may have seen the item

Found Something?

Please bring the item to the Security Office.

Tips for helping Campus Security reunite you with your lost item

  • Write your name on your books, notebooks, binders, everything that you can. It helps us contact you.
  • Check your Trent email frequently; this is the email we will use to contact you.
  • Respond to emails sent to you by us promptly so that we can arrange a pick up. If you cannot pick up your item within the allotted time we can make alternate accommodations for you.
  • Keep the serial number of all valuables in a secure location in case you need to claim it.
  • Provide as much information as you can when reporting your lost item.

Trent University's Lost and Found Procedure

Lost Keys

If you lose your Trent University keys you are required to submit a Report of Missing (Lost/Stolen) Trent University Keys/Access Card to the Campus Security Office.  If you have any questions regarding lost or stolen keys please contact security@trentu.ca