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Office of the Registrar

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Office of the Registrar

Exam Schedule


Winter 2018

The examination period for the Winter 2018 term is from April 9 to April 22nd, 2018. The Winter 2018 exam schedule is now posted. 

Summer 2018

The examination periods for the summer terms are: June 14- 17th for S61 Final Exams and S12 Mid Terms. July 27- 30th for S62/S12 Final Exams. The official Exam Schedule for June 14th to June 17th period will be posted mid May. The official Exam Schedule for July 27th - 30th period will be posted mid July.

Exam Policies & Procedures

Mid-term and final examination scheduling policies and procedures are in the undergraduate Academic Calendar on page 293.

It is your, the student's, responsibility to ensure that you are available to sit for exams during the entire exam period for the term corresponding to your courses.

Exam Conflicts

  • Two or more exams at the same time. Please note having two exams in one day is not considered a conflict.
  • Three exams on the same calendar day. A calendar day is defined as 00:00-24:00.

In the event of a conflict as defined above for a Peterborough exam, please reach out to the academic department to arrange for an alternative writing date for one of the conflicting exams. In the event of a conflict for a Durham exam, please contact Joan Sirtonski for alternative arrangements.

Inclement Weather/Exam Cancellations

In the event of inclement weather, students should refer to myTrent for updates.

Q:  (student) If exams aren’t cancelled, but I cannot safely drive to campus, or I am late due to transportation delays, what should I do?

A:  Contact your instructor to make alternative arrangements.  Students are advised to leave plenty of extra time to drive to campus for exams, especially during inclement weather.

Q: (student) Will cancelled exams be rescheduled?

A: Cancelled exams will be rescheduled to the last day of the exam period. Students should not plan to travel prior to the end of the exam period.

Q:  (employee) If exams are cancelled, do I have to come to/stay at work?

A:  Yes, unless advised otherwise by your supervisor due to safety considerations.  It is your responsibility to contact your supervisor.

Q:  (invigilator/instructor) What are my responsibilities if exams are cancelled or the university is closed during an exam?

A:  If the university is closed due to inclement weather that results in buses being cancelled and travel advisories issued by the OPP while an exam is underway, instructors or invigilators are responsible to bring to the attention of students the location of emergency transportation and/or                                        accommodations provided by the university, which will be broadcast via the Emergency Communication System.  If the university is closed due to any other reason, instructors or invigilators are to follow the directions broadcast via the Emergency Communication System and provide that                                information to their students.

Student Accessibility Services

Students who are registered with Student Accessibility Services and have exam accommodations at the Centre for Academic Testing (CAT) must book their exams online using the SAS Portal in myTrent. Students are required to book their exams at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the formal exam period. This is applicable for students writing at either the Peterborough or Durham campus.