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Artist-in-Residence Makes a Splash on Campus

February 5, 2019

Local artist Wendy Tusler’s exhibition shows Trent community “How to Do Anything”

Left: Wendy Tusler with her dog. Right: Natasha Dickerman in the rowing scull as Wendy Tusler and Carol Love provide direction

A rowing scull in the Trent Athletics Centre pool isn’t an everyday occurrence. That is, until Champlain College artist-in-residence Wendy Tusler teamed up with Trent varsity rowing coach and Rowing Canada’s NextGen Hub lead coach, Carol Love for her project “How to Do Anything.”

The project involved a new rower, Natasha Dickerman, who had never been in a single rowing scull learning how to self-rescue (fall out and get back in) without any formal instruction. The task, which is challenging even for the most experienced rower, is nearly impossible for a new rower – that is, until you realize what you already know.

“Natasha has experience riding horses,” explained Ms. Tusler. “By using what she already knew about riding a horse and applying it to getting back into the rowing scull, she was able to get back in the boat much easier.”

For Coach Love, working with Ms. Tusler was about finding ways to engage and train new athletes with techniques that are “outside the box” which allows her to gain a new perspective when helping athletes overcome obstacles in their training.  

Exposing these gaps between what we know with our bodies and what we think we know with our minds, is central to Ms. Tusler's project “How to Do Anything” which she showcased on campus in January. While on campus she hosted a series of salons and shared her art-making process in her studio and exhibition space in the Champlain College with the Trent community.

Ms. Tusler is a local artist from the Peterborough Community. “How to Do Anything” was made possible through the generous support of the Chalmers Family Fund and the Ontario Arts Council.