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International Development Studies

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International Development Studies

Dr. Jacqueline S. Solway

Dr. Jacqueline Solway, professor of International Development Studies (IDS), Anthropology and member of the Frost Centre at Trent University, was presented with the Distinguished Research Award, one of the University’s top honours, during the convocation ceremony held on June 7, 2012.


Dr. Jacqueline S. Solway, B.A. (Oakland), M.A., Ph.D. (Toronto)
Professor, Department of International Development Studies & Department of Anthropology

Trent University
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7B8

CC S401 office
(705) 748-1011 ext. 1219 • phone
(705) 748-1624 • fax

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Edited Volumes

2003 ‘Politics and Practice in Critical Anthropology: The Work of Richard B. Lee.’ Special issue of Anthropologica 44 (1).

2006 The Politics of Egalitarianism: Anthropological Theory and Practice. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Selected Articles

2011 "Culture Fatigue": The State and Minority Rights in Botswana, Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 18(1): 211-40.
2010 Foragers, Genuine and Spurious: Situating the Kalahari San in History (co-authored with Richard B. Lee), Reprinted in Perspectives on Africa: A Reader in Culture, History and Representation. Second edition. R.R. Grinker, S. Lubkemann and C. Steiner, eds. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. pp. 219-36.
2009 Human Rights and NGO ‘Wrongs’: Conflict Diamonds, Culture Wars and the “Bushman Question”, Africa 79(3): 321- 346.
2005(4) Democracy in Process: Building a Coalition to Achieve Political, Cultural and Linguistic Rights in Botswana. In The Canadian Journal of African Studies 38 (3):603-621. (first author with Lydia Nyati-Ramahobo).
2005 Anthropologist and Accomplice. In Auto-ethnographies of Anthropological Practice. A Meneley and D. Young eds. Peterborough: Broadview. Pp. 113-125.
2004 Reaching the Limits of Universal Citizenship: 'Minority' Struggles in Botswana. In Ethnicity and Democratization in Africa, B. Berman, D. Eyoh, and W. Kymlicka, eds. Oxford and Athens, Ohio: James Currey and Indiana U.P. pp. 129-147.
2003 Botswana. Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century African History. P.T. Zeleza and D. Eyoh, eds. London and New York: Routledge. pp. 50-52.
2003 In the Eye of the Storm: The State and Non-Violence in Southern Africa (Botswana). In Anthropological Quarterly 76(3):485-495.
2002 Navigating the ‘Neutral’ State: ‘Minority’ Rights in Botswana. Journal of Southern African Studies 28 (4):711-729.
2002 Drought as a ‘Revelatory Crisis’ Revisited: An Exploration of Shifting Entitlements and Hierarchies. In Sustainable Livelihoods in Kalahari Environments. D. Sporton and D. Thomas, eds. Oxford University Press.pp. 193-215.
2001 Just Anger: Scenarios of Indignation in Botswana and Madagascar. Ethnos 66 (1):49-72. (second author with Michael Lambek).
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2001 Evaluating Nature in Wadi Allaqi. In Research and Sustainable Development in Hyper Arid Lands, Conference Proceedings. University of the South Valley, Egypt.
1999 The Bedouin of Wadi Allaqi: Social, Historical, and Economic Perspectives. Working Paper No. 33, Wadi Allaqi Project, South Valley University, Egypt.
1998 Environmental Valuation and Management of Plants in Wadi Allaqi, Egypt. (co-authored). IDRC and University of the South Valley, Aswan,Egypt. 121 pp.
1998 Taking Stock in the Kalahari: Accumulation and Resistance on the Southern African Periphery. Journal of Southern African Studies24(2):425-441.
1995 Political Participation, Ethnicity, and Multiparty Democracy in Botswana. In The Politics of Change in Southern Africa. Dan O'Meara. ed. Montreal: Canadian Research Consortium on Southern Africa. pp. 241-260.
1995 Tswana. In Encyclopedia of World Cultures, Volume IX: Africa and The Middle East. J. Middleton and A. Rassam, volume eds. Boston: G.K. Hall and Company for Human Relations Area Files. pp.360-365.
1995 Sustainable Development and Fuelwood Resources in Wadi Allaqi (Egypt). Final Report. South Valley University and IDRC. (co-authored) Aswan, 78pp.
1995(4) Multiparty Democracy and Ethnic Politics in Botswana: Grassroots Perspectives. African Rural and Urban Studies 1(2):73-91.
1994 Drought as a 'Revelatory Crisis': An Exploration of Shifting Entitlements and Hierarchies in the Kalahari, Botswana. Development and Change 25(3):471-495.
1994 From Shame to Pride: Politicized Ethnicity in the Kalahari, Botswana. Canadian Journal of African Studies 28(2):254-274.

Research Interests

Culture and development; politics, ethnicity and minority rights; rural political economy; African pastoralists; and arid lands and sustainable development.
Solway has conducted long-term research in southern Africa, especially Botswana, and has also worked in Egypt, Madagascar, and the Comoro islands (western Indian Ocean).
Editorial Member of the journal Critique of Anthropology and American Ethnologist.


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Courses 2012-2013

Development analysis (IDST 2000Y) International Development Studies course, Trent University, Symons and Oshawa Campus