Board Recruitment

Board Recruitment

Importance of the Board

Trent University seeks to develop a Board composed of members who have a passion for university education, are highly effective communicators, able to consider other perspectives in making their decisions, are committed to understanding and practicing good governance, engage at a strategic and conceptual level, will serve in leadership roles if asked, are able to commit the necessary time and energy to the Board, and are willing to participate in the life of Trent University as an active ambassador and advocate.

This challenging role requires dynamic and committed volunteers with the motivation and commitment to grapple with complex information and make difficult decisions that will have great impact on the future of this important institution.

Internal Seats (student, staff, faculty)

Student candidates for Board membership are identified through a general election in the spring of each year conducted by the University Secretariat. All members of the student body, who take one or more courses at the University and who are in good academic standing, are eligible to stand for election and to vote. 

Faculty and Staff candidates are identified through general elections conducted by the University Secretariat in the spring of each year.

Each of these positions are for two-year terms. 

At-Large Seats

Members of the public are nominated by the Board's Nominating and Governance Committee. Anyone may apply, or nominate a candidate for Board membership at any time, however appointments are typically made in the spring.  The Board actively engages with the Trent University Alumni Association for alum nominations as part of the recruitment process for at-large vacancies.

The position is for a three-year term, with the possibility of renewal for a second term.

Trent University alumni, who have the particular skillsets identified in the "Position Profile" are encouraged to apply.   

External Appointments to Board Committees

In lieu of sufficient Board vacancies in any one year, it is the Board’s practice to appoint candidates with subject matter expertise as external members of various Board standing committees. This practice brings additional external expertise and perspective to the committee table and provides the external appointee with exposure to the work of the Board and engagement with the University community.

The Trent University Board of Governors has up to 26 members. 8 seats of the Board's membership are filled by the Trent community (the Chancellor, the President, two students, two faculty, and two staff). The remaining 10-18 seats on the Board are filled by members of the general public.

Board members and external consultants to committees are volunteers and may not receive remuneration for this activity. The Ontario Corporations Act requires that members of the Board and external consultants to committees be at least 18 years of age and have no undischarged bankruptcy. 

Membership involves a time commitment of approximately 1-2 weekdays per month for meeting attendance, plus 6-10 hours per month for review of meeting materials.  In addition, Board members are encouraged to attend University events when available.  

Please contact the University Secretariat by phone at 705-748-1387 or by email at for more information.