Required Courses

ENGL 5001H – Colloquium

Professor Rita Bode
Fall Term: Thursday 1 - 3PM, Traill Campus, Wallis Hall 132.4

The Colloquium will bring together all students in the program with faculty, visiting scholars and experts (e.g. archivists, librarians, printers, publishers, editors, booksellers, book designers) for an intensive exploration of relevant historical, theoretical and practical issues. 

ENGL 5003H – Research & Professional Development Seminar

Professor Rita Bode
Winter Term: Thursday 1 - 3PM, Traill Campus, Wallis Hall 132.4

Topics will include research methods and resources; the nature and requirements of a research project, and its conception, development and completion; the presentation of the results of research in public forums, such as conferences and scholarly publications; career development, both academic and non-academic. At the end of the year, students will publicly present a proposal for their Thesis or Major Research Paper or Internship. 

​ENGL 5007H - Public Texts 

Professor Michael Epp 
Winter Term: Tuesday 12 - 2PM, Traill Campus, Wallis Hall, Room 132.4

Explores philosophies and theories of publics through political, affective, and radical public texts.  We will focus on concepts of publics in multiple historical contexts in order to put pressure on our ideas of what publics have been, what they are, and what they can be in the future.


Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities.
Jurgen Habermas, The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere.
Michael Warner, Publics and Counterpublics.