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(you must be a registered Student at Trent University in order to apply)


The Department of English Literature invites applications for CUPE 3908 Unit 2 Markers for the current academic year. Positions may be available at various times during the academic year.

The hourly rate of pay is in accordance with CUPE 3908 Unit 2 Academic Marker Pay Rate found on page 48 of the CUPE Unit 2 collective agreement: CUPE Unit 2 Collective Agreement 2017-2021

Application: Applicants should submit a resume and a copy of the most recent academic summary
Deadline for receipt of applications for GTA postings: August 1
Deadline for receipt of applications for current ENGL-2810Y Marking posting: October 4, 2018

Please submit your resume by email to Professor Hugh Hodges:

Professor Hugh Hodges
Chair, English Literature Department
Wallis Hall, Traill College
Trent University
705-748-1011 ext. 7733


Enquiries may be directed to Hugh Hodges by e-mail at english@trentu.ca or by phone at 705-748-1011 ext. 7733. All positions are subject to budgetary approval by the Dean’s office.

Please note that these ads are for returning Trent students only. Current postings can be found directly below this notice. If there are no postings, there are no positions currently available


ENGL-2810Y Marking Posting Deadline: October 4, 2018



Courses requiring TA's (2018-19):

ENGL 1001H Truth, Lies and Storytelling

ENGL 1003H Revolution!

ENGL 1005H Love and Hate

ENGL 1005H Web Love and Hate

ENGL 1851H Writing Life: Creative Writing

ENGL-2609H Contagion

ENGL 2703H Literature and Social Justice

ENGL 2709H Graphic Fiction

ENGL 2753H Horror, Terror, and the Gothic

WRIT-1001H Write in Time