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Temples at Bagan, Myanmar


Sharon Hepburn

Sharon HepburnSharon Hepburn

Associate Professor

Office: OC 229 (in the link)

Lab: DNA C221 Cultural Anthroplogy Lab

Telephone: (705) 748-1011 x7291

Email: shepburn@trentu.ca


BA (Calgary,Cambridge) MA (Cambridge, McGill, Cornell) PhD (Cornell)


Professor Hepburn joined the department at Trent in 1995. She has studied at the University of Calgary (B.A. Anthropology), Cambridge (B.A. Social and Political Studies), McGill (M.A. Medical Anthropology), and Cornell (M.A. Anthropology and Asian Studies, Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology). She has spent altogether four years in Nepal studying tourism, the nature of vision, and ethnic politics, and how Nepali people understand the people, ideas, and products of "modernity." Her teaching and research interests include tourism(s), vision, South Asia (especially the Himalayas), death and (the idea of) mortality.