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Temples at Bagan, Myanmar


Eugene Morin

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
B.A., M.Sc. (Montréal), DEA (Paris-X Nanterre), Ph.D. (Michigan)

Life & Health Sciences DNA C216, ext.7682, eugenemorin@trentu.ca

Research Interests: archaeology, paleolithic of Europe, methods and theory in faunal analysis, human behavioural change during the late Pleistocene, prehistory of Northeastern North America

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Curriculum Vitae


Current Projects

Professor Morin is looking for students interested in the Paleolithic of Europe or the prehistory of Northeastern North America. More specifically, his current projects include:

1) The demographic expansion of early modern humans into Western Europe

The project aims at investigating behavioural variability within and between late Neandertal and early modern human populations by analyzing the material culture, logistical organization and subsistence strategies of these groups. The data that will be gathered in this project will also help in refining the chronological and climatic framework for the Middle and Upper Paleolithic.

2) Analysis of behavioural change in Eastern Europe

Not much is known about human adaptation for the Middle Paleolithic and early Upper Paleolithic of the Balkans. A new project at Crvena Stijena (Montenegro, former Yugoslavia), a cave with a 18m-deep stratigraphy characterized by excellent faunal preservation, should shed new light on Neandertal and early modern human societies in this part of Europe.

3) Diet Breadth in Northeastern North America

This last project focuses on dietary change in pre- and post-contact Northeastern North America. The analysis of several prehistoric assemblages from Ontario should provide new knowledge about the subsistence strategies of the First Nations in the past and how they contributed to the spread of agriculture in the region.

Selected Publications

Morin, E. 2012. Reassessing Paleolithic Subsistence. The Neandertal and Modern Human Foragers of Saint-Césaire, France. Cambridge University Press, 358 p.

Morin, E. and Soulier, M.-C. 2016. New criteria for the archaeological identification of bone grease processing, American Antiquity, in press.

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Morin, E., Ready, E., Boileau, A., Beauval, C., et Coumont, M.-P. 2016. Problems of identification and quantification in archaeozoological analysis, part II: Presentation of an alternative counting method. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, in press.

Morin, E., Delagnes, A., Armand, D., Castel, J.-C. and Hodgkins, J. 2014. Centennial- to millennial-scale change in archaeofaunas and their implications for Mousterian lithic variability in southwest France. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 36:158–180.

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Morin, E. and Ready, E. 2013. Foraging goals and transport decisions in Western Europe during the Paleolithic and early Holocene. In: Zooarchaeology and modern human origins: Human hunting behaviour during the later Pleistocene, edited by J. L. Clark and J. D. Speth. Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology Series, Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 227–269.

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Morin, E. 2007. Fat composition, skeletal part selection, and Nunamiut decision-making. Journal of Archaeological Science 34: 69–82.