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Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

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School of the Environment

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

Careers & Alumni

Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Graduates of the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems program will have a strong understanding of food production and supply, agro-ecosystems, historical changes in food production, conventional industrial, alternative, and organic agriculture, global and local food markets, fair trade, food science, the commodification of food, and concepts and practices of sustainable agriculture. This will enable students to pursue opportunities in sustainable agriculture and food across Canada and internationally. In addition, graduates will have gained the knowledge and skills offered by courses in Trent's Environmental and Resource Science/Studies Program, enabling them to pursue a wide range of opportunities in the environmental field.

Careers in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

The agriculture and food sector is evolving rapidly, as Canadians become increasingly interested in ensuring that their food supply is sustainable, and as new economic and social initiatives relating to food and agriculture are developed. SAFS degrees are designed to respond to this evolution, by providing a wide-ranging yet focused education that will enable graduates to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Opportunities abound in this growing field. Careers are available in a wide range of areas, such as organic farming, agro-tourism, land-use consulting, agricultural research, nutrient management planning and advising, soil and water analysis, and international agricultural development. Many more opportunities can be seen by browsing in job sites such as GoodWork Canada or FoodWork

Graduate Study in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Graduates of the SAFS Program can choose to pursue further study at a wide range of universities in Canada or internationally.

Two Trent University graduate programs offer M.A., M.Sc. or Ph.D. opportunities for graduates of the SAFS Program:

• Students interested in pursuing an M.Sc. or Ph.D. in an area related to sustainable agriculture are encouraged to check out the Environmental and Life Sciences graduate program.

• Students interested in pursuing an M.A. in an area related to agriculture or food systems are encouraged to check out the Sustainability Studies graduate program.



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