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Trent Centre for Aging & Society

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Trent Centre for Aging & Society

Current Faculty Research

Centre members are engaged in a broad spectrum of aging studies research, everything from aging bodies to aging communities and much more besides, with funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the European Commission, and various government and university funding programs.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Health and Creative Aging: Theatre as a Pathway to Healthy AgingCIHR Canada-UK Aging Initiative, 2010-14, $225, 000. Investigators: Dr. Janet Fast (principal), Dr. Sally Chivers, et al.

Perceptions and Realities of Mid Cogitative Impairment (MCI): Diagnosis and Treatment for Older Adults CIHR-Institute of Aging Operating Grant, $178,108, 2011-14 investigators: Dr. Stephen Katz, Dr. Peri Ballantyne, Dr. Kevin Peters See profile in Showcase Magazine.

Refining a Decision-Support Model for Siting Palliative Care Services in Rural Canadian Communities CIHR Operating Grant, $300,027, 2011-14 Investigators: Dr. Valorie Crooks & Dr. Nadine Schuurman (principals), Dr. Mark Skinner et al.

Rural Primary Healthcare for Older People: Building Research Capacity, Informing Policy and Practice CIHR Planning, Meeting and Development Grant, $25,000 Investigators: Dr. Mark Skinner, Dr. Norah Keating & Dr. Mark Rosenberg (principals) et al.

Sleep States, Memory and Aging CIHR-Institute of Aging Operating Grant, $380,515, 2008-13 investigators: Dr. Carlyle Smith, Dr. Kevin Peters & Dr. Howard Feldma

Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Ageing, Communication, Technologies (ACT): Experiencing a Digital World in Later Life

SSHRC Partnership Grant  (2014-21), $2,993,263 Investigators: Dr. Kimberly Sawchuk (principal), Dr. Stephen Katz et al.

Field notes as a Basis for Thinking through Multiple Eyes SSHRC MCRI team sub-grant, $5,700 Investigators: Dr. Jacquie Choiniere, Dr. Jim Struthers

International Symposium on Aging Resource Communities: Population Dynamics, Community Development and the Voluntary Sector SSHRC Connection Grant, 2014-15, $19,540 Investigators: Dr. Mark Skinner (principal), Dr. Greg Halseth, Dr. Neil Hanlon, Dr. Alun Joseph

Re-imagining Long-term Residential Care: An International Study of Promising Practices SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiative, 2010-17, $2,400,000 Investigators: Dr. Pat Armstrong (principal), Dr. Sally Chivers, Dr. Jim Struthers, et al. Sexualizing the Third Age

SSHRC Standard Research Grant, $38,808, 2011-14 Investigator: Dr. Barbara Marshall

The Collective Works of P.K. Page SSHRC Standard Research Grant, $101,805, 2011-14 Investigators: Dr. Zailig Pollock (principal), Dr. Suzanne Bailey

Transformative Role of Voluntarism in Aging Resource Communities: Integrating People, Place and Community SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2012-14, $74,900 Investigators: Dr. Mark Skinner (principal), Dr. Greg Halseth, Dr. Neil Hanlon, Dr. Alun Joseph.

European Commission

Healthy Ageing in Residential Places (HARP) ERA-AGE2 (European Research Area in Ageing 2) JCRA (Joint Call for Research Applications in Ageing), 2013-16, €613,629 Investigators: Dr. Pat Armstrong (principal), Dr. Sally Chivers et al.

Government Funding Programs

Minimal Interventions for Age Friendly Communities Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Summer Employment Program, $2,785, 2013 Investigator: Ann MacLeod

Visible Voices: Connecting Older Adults through Art Making Human Resources Development Canada, New Horizons for Seniors Program, $18,900 Investigators: Fay Wilkinson (principal), Ann MacLeod, Dr. Mark Skinner, Heather Reid

University Funding Programs

"As Friendly and Intimate as Possible:"  Greenacres Home for the Aged in Newmarket, Ontario’s first special purpose facility for dementia care, 1953-1991 Trent University Investigator: Dr. Jim Struthers

Geriatric Psychiatry in Ontario & British Columbia, 1935-2000 York University, $4,350 Investigators: Dr. Megan Davies, Dr. Jim Struthers