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Trent Centre for Aging & Society

Mark Skinner and students showcasing Meals on Wheels program

Trent Centre for Aging & Society

Community Engagement

The Trent Centre for Aging and Society was established a year after Statistics Canada declared Peterborough Canada's most 'senior' population and second-largest retirement community. Community engagement is part of our mandate, especially in terms of developing critically-informed responses to the challenges and opportunities facing older people and aging communities in the Peterborough region.

Community Leader Profile

Dr. Jenny Ingram Geriatrician & Advocate 

The Trent Centre for Aging & Society is pleased to have geriatrician, Dr. Jenny Ingram, as an Advisory Committee member. Dr. Ingram, who specializes in geriatric medicine, is Director of the Kawartha Regional Memory Clinic, and is a prominent leader on seniors issues in the Peterborough region. She is the co-chair of the Peterborough Council on Aging and received the 2007 Community Leader Award from Trent University. "Dr. Jenny Ingram is an extraordinary asset to the Peterborough community, both as a geriatrics expert and as someone with a unique ability to develop community healthcare capacity."

Community Engagement Initiatives

Age-friendly Peterborough

Centre faculty are members of Age-friendly Peterborough (formerly the Peterborough Council on Aging), a local collaborative of community, municipal and professional stakeholders facilitating and advocating for a positive response to aging issues in the Peterborough Region. Learn more here.

Aging Radically Radio Show

Aging Radically is a space for intergenerational encounters. Tune in as co-hosts (and young women) Melissa Baldwin and Maddy Macnab hear stories, insights, calls to action, jokes, confessions, and more, from older women who are passionate, engaged, and making things happen in the Peterborough Community today. Thursdays from 3:00 to 3:30 pm on Trent Radio (92.7 FM). Keep up to date on the latest episodes and listen to past episodes here.

Community-Based Education

Centre faculty are actively involved in Trent University's community-based education (CBE) program, supervising students working on projects in collaboration with local governments and community organizations. The Centre also hosts CBE projects on aging as part of its community engagement mandate.

Recent CBE Projects on Aging

Voices of Seniors: a report on how the City and County of Peterborough can create a better senior-friendly community

Hazuki Igarashi, Holly Veley (CBE project, 2013, for Peterborough Social Planning Council)

Supervisor: Dr. Jim Struthers

How does living in Haliburton County influence your likelihood to suffer from a chronic health disease or condition?

Emily Byington (CBE project, 2011, for Haliburton Highland Health Services) Supervisor: Dr. Mark Skinner

How can supportive housing programs play a better role in supporting rural seniors’ desire for ‘aging at home’ in Haliburton County?

Carly Corlin, Justin Souch (CBE project, 2011, for Haliburton Highland Health Services)

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Skinner

Implications of the aging population on rural and remote healthcare resources in Haliburton County

Melissa Lentini, Rebecca Williams (CBE project, 2011, for Haliburton Highland Health Services)

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Skinner