What Is Academic Advising?

Academic advising at Trent is an on-going educational partnership between advisor and advisee that is dedicated to student learning, development, and success.

Through the advising experience, students develop educational plans for achieving their personal and academic goals and develop the skills and commitment to become engaged, self-directed learners and competent decision-makers.

We hope that this website, in conjunction with regular advising appointments, will help you make the most of your undergraduate experience at Trent.

To learn more about our advising philosophy, the nature of the advisor/advisee relationship (what you can expect of an advisor and what an advisor will expect of you), and advising learning outcomes (what you can learn through the advising experience), download our Advising Syllabus.

Peterborough Academic Advising Syllabus: Word doc  |  pdf
Durham GTA Academic Advising Syllabus: Word doc  | pdf

If you are not a student at Trent you can still speak with an academic advisor in either Peterborough or Durham GTA about beginning your studies.