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Trent Centre for Language and Linguistics

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Trent Centre for Language and Linguistics


Learn one of the most fascinating languages in the world! The study of Chinese opens your mind to a new way of thinking and seeing the world. The two introductory courses (CHIN 1001H and 1002H) give you the ability to communicate in Chinese and to start learning some written Chinese characters. Emphasis is placed on understanding how to pronounce the language properly, communicating in real-life situations, and being able to engage in Chinese culture through both the spoken and written forms of the language. In addition to the in-class work, students are encourage to get involved in extracurricular activities including the Language Festival, Chinese cultural events, and even the annual Chinese speech contest, where several Trent students have participated in the past, to great acclaim.

No previous knowledge of Chinese is required for the introductory course; students with a background in Chinese should talk to the instructor before registering.

Upper-year courses are occasionally offered.

Note that courses in Chinese may be counted toward both the Option in Linguistics and the Option in Languages.