Welcome Campus Shipping & Receiving Centre (SRC)

General Information

Campus SRC provides  a centralized, cost-effective and efficient distribution system for Trent University mail providing information and advice, insuring compliance with laws, regulations and rates of Canada Post.

Faculty and staff are asked to notify Campus SRC if any changes in location, office hours and personnel to ensure proper receipt of mail and incoming parcels. 

Mail is collected and delivered throughout the campus once per day. 


Residence mail and parcels are picked up by the Steward and distributed at the two Residence Service points.  We cannot distribute mail or packages from Campus SRC. If you are a student in residence, you will receive an email from the Housing Department notifying when your package arrives at the Service Centre location.  Your student card and your signature will be required a the time of pick up.  Please contact Housing with any additional questions, 705-748-1011 ext. 7127


Restrictions and Junk Mail

The internal distribution of external commercial or business advertising matter, give-away's and/or promotional material are not allowed unless received directly from Canada Post, properly addressed to individuals and/or departments.

Should you receive unwanted, unsolicited mail, often referred to as junk mail, it is recommended you return it to the sender and demand to have your name removed from future mailings.

Inter-College and outgoing mail will be processed and distributed only if it pertains to official Trent University activities. Official mail may include promotional material distributed on behalf of Trent University departments.

Mail Services assumes the good faith and integrity of University personnel in that University mail will be used for matters of official business only. However, as a courtesy,

Mail Services will pick-up and forward to Canada Post personal mail provided the appropriate postage is affixed and the mail is bundled separately.

The University mail system must not be used for chain letters, distributing unauthorized advertising, or non-official university documents.


As University departments exercise control over their mailing activities, the cost of postage and special services for outgoing mail is charged back to the customer.

All postal rates are subject to the Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST).

All mail must identify the account number and the name of the Department to be charged.

Tips for successful processing

Internal Mail

Addressing information for Internal mail must include full department name, not initials, and a specific person's name, if applicable.  Address/destination needs to be clearly marked.  

All addressed bulk mailings, 50 or more similar pieces, must be pre-sorted and bundled by department.

External Mail

Departments sending official University mail to addresses off campus are responsible for the proper preparation of all letter mail and parcels.  Each piece of mail must clearly identify the name of the originating department in the top left hand corner of the envelope, under the Trent University logo. This will ensure that undeliverable mail can be returned to the sender.

All mail must be properly addressed. The recipient's name, agency or company, street address or P.O. Box, city, province or state, country and postal code is required. The postal code must always appear immediately following the province/state on the envelope and must reflect the proper address. No other information should be placed below the postal code.

Do not abbreviate international addresses, with the exception of the U.S.A. Use the complete spelling of a foreign city, province or country.

Mail must be enclosed in an appropriate envelope or parcel.
Items must be properly packed and safe to handle.
Restrictions apply to the mailing of certain items to foreign countries.
Please contact SRC at ext.7433 for information regarding restrictions and advice on how to package fragile or unusual material.


All parcels must be packed securely. The recipient's addressing information must be clearly printed in the center of the parcel (on both sides) and the originating department in the top left hand corner.
It is advisable to show the address of the sender and of the addressee inside the parcel and identified on the items as much as possible.

Letter mail Rates

U.S.A. and International Mail

All mail forwarded outside Canada falls under international rates and regulations which vary widely from country to country. For rates and types of services, please contact Mail Services, ext.7433. 

​Helpful Hints

  • keep your mail lists up-to-date
  • Canada Post applies a surcharge on letter mail which does not include a postal code
  • non-standard envelopes cost a premium
  • letters should be folded in three and put in a standard envelope to get the best first class rate
  • it is strongly recommended that persons expecting a courier item provide the sender with their correct name and proper University address (building, department, and very important - room number)
  • First class Canadian letter mail does not require "air mail" identifiers under 500 "Grams" (3/16" thick)
  • separate bundles: Internal, Canada, USA, and International
  • if sending bundles of mail, only one account number on the top left corner of bundle is required - not per envelope
  • if one envelope indicate account number/department to be charged
  • if you require envelopes to be sealed, please ensure flaps are not fanned nor tucked into envelope