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Political Studies

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Political Studies

Year Abroad Program

A year abroad can be a very rewarding experience for a Politics student. The opportunity to gain facility in another language is particularly valuable for students interested in global politics, and French is obviously a great asset for Canadian politics.

Students contemplating a year abroad need to begin making these plans by the end of their first year. Not doing so can lead to difficulties in meeting the course requirements for graduation within the usual four-year program. Trent International must know in October of a student's second year of plans to go abroad in the third year.

A Politics major can do a year abroad at a French, German or Spanish university - Nantes, Freiburg or Mexico - by also doing courses in Modern Languages. Alternatively, a Politics student can go with the Trent International Program to a university where the language of instruction is English or, in one case, Spanish:

  • Plymouth (England)
  • Leeds (England)
  • Dundee (Scotland)
  • University College, Swansea (Wales)
  • Capetown (South Africa)
  • Instituto tecnologico autonomo de Mexico (Mexico City)
  • Yonsei (Korea - Asian studies)
  • West Kentucky (USA).

International Development Studies offers courses in Ibarra (Ecuador), for which Spanish 100 is a requirement. The Province of Ontario has multi-institution exchange programs with Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany and Rhone-Alpes in France. The German exchange is very attractive since it covers almost all academic and living expenses.

Trent students have also studied at a number of other universities with which Trent has no formal exchange provisions. More information on these can be obtained from the Study Abroad website.