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#FacesofTrentU: Life-Changing Philanthropy

June 17, 2019

Erin Funnell-Kononuk, Social Work

Erin Funnell-Kononuk

“I am thankful for the incredible supports at Trent, many of which are made possible by the generous gifts of donors and alumni. Without these supports and generous donors my life would look very different.”

With an unexpected illness, Erin Funnell-Kononuk was dealing with more than just the usual pressures when starting at Trent University. Thanks to the amazing supports at Trent – including the mental-health nurse program and Student Accessibility Services - Ms. Funnell-Kononuk got the help she needed to not only stay in university, but also flourish here. 

Student Accessibility Services and the mental-health nurse program, both donor-supported initiatives, ensured Ms. Funnell-Kononuk could bring medication, liquids, and food to exams, while also providing access to notes and learning devices to help in case her symptoms flared up.

Now in her third year, Ms. Funnell-Kononuk is excelling in her studies, while working two jobs on campus. She also recently had a short story published in this year’s student-run Chickenscratch anthology. Outside of the classroom, she has completed two certificates for her Metapsychology practice.

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