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Police Benefit from Trent Student Research

May 8, 2019

Students offer data that highlights where the Peterborough Police Service is and where it needs to go to properly serve community

Trent students Samantha Groulx and Raquel Maset meet with police Chief Scott Gilbert.

Trent students Samantha Groulx and Raquel Maset have completed a project at the Peterborough Police Service, researching and identifying the gap between the service and the citizens they serve.

This community-based research project, which is one of many that’s facilitated and supported by Trent Community Research Centre, uses data collected from the Canadian Census on Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

“It was a great partnership and the data is helpful as the Peterborough Police Service plans for its future, recognizing the importance of being representative and staying connected to the community we serve,” said Chief Scott Gilbert. “The students worked very hard and it is great to have an external perspective on this data that highlights where we currently are and where we need to go in order to properly serve the community that entrusts in our police service.”

“We hope this project provides insight into the Peterborough community and the Peterborough Police Service members,” said Ms. Groulx. “We felt very lucky to have this opportunity to work directly with Chief Gilbert.”

The community-based research projects provide students the opportunity to earn academic credit while producing applied research that responds to the needs of Peterborough and the surrounding communities. Participating students represent a wide range of academic disciplines and support a diverse collection of community partners including the New Canadians Centre, Human Service and Justice Coordinating Committee, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Peterborough Family Health Team, Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre, Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, GreenUP and YES Shelter for Youth and Families.