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Six Traill Principals Reunite at Doors Open

May 6, 2019

Reunion made event extra special as hundreds of people explored the downtown college including two buildings dating back to 1852 and 1882

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Michael Peterman, Dr. Marion Fry, Dr. Heather Avery and Dr. Michael Eamon

A Doors Open event at Catharine Parr Traill College was the perfect occasion for a special “reunion” on Saturday as five former principals joined current principal Dr. Michael Eamon to greet hundreds of people who explored the historic Trent buildings.

Professor Eamon was joined at the downtown college by founding principal Dr. Marion Fry and former principals Dr. Heather Avery, Dr. James Neufeld, Ms. Lynn Neufeld and Dr. Michael Peterman.

“Since its inception, Traill has been led by people who have seen their role at the University as being more than a job,” says Prof. Eamon. “This was truly a family reunion of those who shared their lifelong connection with Traill to the public.”

While Traill opened its doors to the public once before through Doors Open, during an evening gathering as part of its 50th anniversary event in 2014, this is the first year that Traill has been part of the main daytime event, which happens annually in communities across Ontario.

In Peterborough, the free event featured various buildings including churches, the water-treatment plant and radio stations to help people learn more about the city’s history and its unique buildings.

Many guests at Traill explored the college’s oldest structures Kerr House (1852) and Scott House (1882).

Prof. Eamon says many guests were lifelong Peterborough residents who hadn’t realized the University had a downtown college.

“They had no idea there was this hub of arts, culture and humanities in downtown Peterborough,” he says. “It was wonderful for Trent to engage with the community like that.”

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