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The Heart of Trent: Trent Staff, Faculty & Retirees Celebrated

May 1, 2019

Trent employees and retirees recognized for outstanding contributions to the University

Overhead view of the crowd gathered for the awards presentation at the Heart of Trent event.

University employees and retirees were recognized for hard work, dedication, and outstanding contribution to the Trent community during the annual Heart of the Trent appreciation event on May 1.  

Dr. Leo Groarke, president and vice-chancellor of Trent University, honoured recent retirees, presented the 2019 Service Awards – recognizing 25, 30, 35 and 40-year service milestones – and also presented four significant awards for employees’ outstanding contributions to the University, including: the Provost’s Award for Support Staff; the Trent Community Leadership Award; the Nancy Simmons Smith Staff Award of Excellence (NESS), and the Team Innovation Award.

“Our dedicated and committed staff and faculty are the heart of Trent,” said President Groarke. “This event is our opportunity to thank our award winners, our retirees, and everyone in between. Thanks to them, Trent is a wonderful place to be.”

The 2018/19 Heart of Trent award recipients are:

Provost Award for Support Staff awarded to Cynthia Budgell, placement officer, School of Education and Professional Learning. The Provost's Support Award is awarded annually to a member of the support staff who plays an important role in student engagement and retention, and who makes a difference through their performance at Trent.

Nancy Simmons Smith Staff Award of Excellence presented to Erin Stewart-Eves, academic skills instructor in Otonabee College, in recognition of the high standards she has set for herself, and the students she works with, to help each and every student reach their academic goals by learning about their challenges and opportunities for growth. The Nancy Simmons Smith Award recognizes non-academic staff members who demonstrate excellence and exceptional commitment to Trent.

Trent Community Leadership Award awarded jointly to Dr. Alba Agostino, senior lecturer, Child and Youth Studies, Trent Durham GTA; Brenda O’Toole, administrative assistant, Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies; and Dr. Kenzu Abdella, professor, Mathematics. This award recognizes faculty and staff who make exceptional contributions to the local community in Peterborough or Durham regions.

The Team Innovation Award was presented to the TrentU Card Office and the Trent Central Student Association. The Team Innovation Award recognizes a team, unit or department at Trent University whose innovative contributions have impacted the strategic objectives of the University.

Service awards were presented to the following faculty and staff:

25 years: Carolyn Kapron, Chris Los, Georgette Mackenzie, James Parker, John Boudreau, Karen Mauro, Patricia Heffernan Frost, Rosanna Grims, Rosemary Dunford, Stephen Bocking and Susan Wurtele

30 years: Barbara Marshall, Brenda Garofalo, Deborah Earle, Ivana Elbl, Karen Whalen, Kathy Axcell, Lesley Hulcoop, Mark Parnis, Michael Fox, Saud Choudhry

35 years:  Chris Metcalfe, Richard Toth

40 years: Jeffery Domm

The following is a list of Trent University's recent retirees: Bruce Ahlstrand, Bryan Palmer, Carolyn Johns, Catherine Boyce, Deborah Kennett, Fay McFadden, Gina Collins, J. Marie Anderson, Janice Matthews, Jeff Martindale, Julia Jenkins, Kenneth Field, Magda Havas, Miles Ecclestone, Nancy Elliot, Robert MacLeod, Rory Coughlan (In memoriam), Sylvia Hennessy, Torben Drewes