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Independent Data Shows Dramatic 85% Increase in First-Choice Applications to Trent University

April 18, 2019

Higher Education Strategy Associates crunches Ontario University Application Centre data between 2009 and 2019

Students enjoying the Trent University Durham campus.

More students than ever are choosing Trent University when applying to universities in Ontario, according to independent data by Higher Education Strategy Associates (HESA) showing an 85% increase in first-choice applications to Trent over a ten-year period where average growth was 8%.

Chart created by Higher Education Strategy Associates (HESA) showing an 85% increase in first-choice applications to Trent over a ten-year period where average growth was 8%.

HESA’s Alex Usher created the chart, which shows Trent well ahead of other institutions across the province, based on data publicly available through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). In an April 17, 2019 blog post, Mr. Usher looks at the most successful institutions and remarks, “And goodness, Trent. An 85% increase in applications. No, that’s not a misprint and no, I have [no] idea what is going on there, but good on them.”

During his first year as president and vice-chancellor, Dr. Leo Groarke conducted a review of the Recruitment and Marketing functions at the University, implementing the recommendations of an independent consultant to merge the departments. A new Strategic Enrolment Management committee with leaders from across the institution was formed and led by President Groarke. Since that time, the University has seen year-over-year increases in applications and registrations. Trent has paid down its deficit and had surplus budgets five years in a row.

“I think that Trent University was poised for enrolment growth and had all the elements for success,” said President Groarke. “Trent has always provided a transformative learning experience and really has facilities that in many ways are the envy of others. This first-choice data illustrations the momentum that has simply taken off domestically – and our recent international travels tell us that the world is taking notice of Trent too.”

New program innovation has been integral to fueling the growth in applications – and new buildings and renovations like the Student Centre and Bata Library have renewed Trent’s Symons Campus in Peterborough. Trent’s Durham campus in the GTA has seen the most growth to the extent that a new building with residences and academic will be built by 2020. The University just hosted its biggest ever crowds at March Break Open House events at both campuses, further demonstrating that Trent’s transformative student experience continues to attract the attention of future students and their parents.

Learn more from the HESA blog about Trent’s success.

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