Sparking Enthusiasm and Passion in Students at Trent Durham GTA

March 26, 2019

Faculty Showcase: Christine Goodwin-De Faria, Child & Youth Studies

Prof. Goodwin-De Faria smiling at the camera

“I teach because I love working with students. I had such amazing professors when I was a student in my undergrad and grad school, and so I really want to have the opportunity to do what some of those professors did for me for the students that I work with… for me that’s a really important part of my role as an educator.”

Sparking enthusiasm and passion in students at Trent Durham GTA, Dr. Christine Goodwin-De Faria is recognized as an insightful educator, youth justice specialist, and positive force in the Child & Youth Studies program. Deeply committed to empowering students to make a difference in the world, Professor Goodwin-De Faria teaches courses on topics such as Child Rights and Legal Issues, Professional Ethics and Risk Management, and Imagination and Child and Youth Culture. She is known for providing extensive guidance, mentorship, and feedback, for integrating numerous examples, case studies, guest speakers, and experiential opportunities into her teaching, and for inspiring students to apply their learning in and beyond the classroom.

Prof. Goodwin-De Faria is part of the Centre for Teaching and Learning series showcasing faculty, staff, and students who exemplify exceptional teaching and learning at Trent University.

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