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Faculty Profile: Dr. Philip Giurlando and Dr. Hasmet Uluorta

October 20, 2017

Helping students develop theoretical toolkits that enable conscious engagement with global concerns

Dr. Philip Giurlando and Dr. Hasmet Uluorta
Dr. Philip Giurlando and Dr. Hasmet Uluorta

Political Studies Faculty Members ~ World Politics Instructors ~ Course Design Collaborators ~ Synergistic Colleagues

Dr. Philip Giurlando teaches in a way that aims to inspire enthusiasm for politics while helping students connect current events to broader historical and geographical contexts. Dr. Hasmet Uluorta, cross-appointed with International Development Studies, is dedicated to teaching that creates accessible and dynamic scholarly communities and fosters curiosity and reflection about the political and economic state of the world.

Professor Giurlando is passionate about participating in broader debates that are happening around the world, and brings that engagement to his teaching. “That influences my lectures, it influences my seminars… I can talk to students about what the major debates are, what are the major disagreements, which scholars defend which sides, which ones are more persuasive. This helps them think about which ones, which theories, which arguments they find more persuasive. It helps them position themselves in the context of these debates, and in some cases it inspires them to want to contribute to the debates themselves.”

Professor Uluorta sees teaching as a gift and a privilege, and describes Trent as “a community where people take teaching seriously, and they take community seriously.” He also feels a powerful motivation to do his very best for students as an instructor: “There is a sense of ethical responsibility, and I think that when I stand in front of a classroom, whether it’s this large lecture hall, or a small seminar, what I see reflecting back is an ethical responsibility to each and every one in that classroom to assist them, to help them, to facilitate their learning as best as I can do, and hopefully as best as they can do.”

Enthusiastic and dedicated, Prof. Giurlando and Prof. Uluorta truly exemplify the type of teaching and learning Trent is renowned for, and what the Centre for Teaching and Learning is proud to showcase.

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The Centre for Teaching and Learning offers a variety of events and opportunities to celebrate and further enhance outstanding teaching and learning at Trent University. Philip Giurlando and Hasmet Uluorta are part of the Centre for Teaching and Learning series showcasing faculty, staff and students who inspire and enhance excellent teaching and learning. Watch for upcoming showcases featuring faculty, staff and students contributing to exceptional teaching and learning here at Trent.