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Launch of Trent Makerspace to Expand Clean Tech Innovation

June 28, 2017

Unique cross-sector collaboration to promote new companies in the region

Man in a blue suit gives a speech beside the canadian flag

Thanks to a unique cross-sector collaboration of community, industry, university, and government partners, the lobby in the Trent DNA building was buzzing on June 27 at the launch of the new Trent Makerspace.

Following a $200,000 grant from the Eastern Ontario Development Program’s Collaborative Economic Development Projects (CEDP) stream to support the Innovation Cluster in advancing clean tech innovation throughout Peterborough and the Kawarthas, the Trent Makerspace was created as one piece of the work that the Cluster is spearheading to promote the birth of new companies in the region.

“This investment for the local clean tech industry will infuse progress and development towards commercialization,” said Dr. Neil Emery, vice-president of research and innovation at Trent University. “Through the support of the Eastern Ontario Development Program’s Collaborative Economic Development Project, the Innovation Cluster, Noblegen, and Trent University will continue their exceptional advancement in innovative clean technology and bring more job opportunities to the Peterborough region.”

Noblegen Inc., the first incubated client and clean tech company to reside in the Innovation Cluster’s incubator at Trent, also provided a donation in support of the Makerspace to assist in creating more opportunities for clean tech innovation within the community.

“We thank the Innovation Cluster for helping our business grow from the incubation stage to accelerating into the company we are today,” says Dr. Andressa Lacerda ‘11, chief commercial officer, co-founder of Noblegen Inc. and proud Trent alumna. “We want to give back to this region by supporting the growth and creation of other clean tech innovations.”