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And the Winner is...Citizenship Award Winners Announced at Trent Durham

May 16, 2017

Campus involvement and student leadership cause for celebration

The results are in and six students from Trent University Durham – GTA are the winners of prestigious citizenship awards, a series of accolades that are handed out annually to students on campus. 

“I’m thrilled to recognize our students with the citizenship awards,” remarked Joe Muldoon, head of Trent University Durham – GTA. “Our students work hard to be global and community-minded citizens and I’m pleased to be able to celebrate their efforts.”

The citizenship awards are comprised of six categories, including: citizenship; graduating citizenship; alumni recognition; part-time student prize; Multicultural Council of Oshawa Durham; and Investors Group Financial Services awards. Staff, faculty and students were encouraged to nominate students in each category, and the winners were chosen by a committee, based on the nomination essays that were submitted.

“Student award winners were chosen for their exemplary involvement on campus and their leadership in student and community activities,” continued Mr. Muldoon. “We have so many students who demonstrate these qualities and attributes, who are also excelling academically. These students really are model citizens who have bright futures ahead of them.”

Each winning student has been awarded a monetary prize and a recognition letter from the University.

The student winners in each category include:

Citizenship Award – Jaslin Grove, English Literature
A student who shows exemplary community building and involvement on campus

Graduating Citizenship Award – Kristen Gerritsen, English Literature
A graduating student who shows exemplary community building and involvement on campus

Alumni Recognition Award – Jonathan Maves, Psychology
A graduating student who has made significant and continuous contribution to the University

Part-time Student Prize – Colleen Anderson-Graham, Communications and Critical Thinking
A part-time student in any program who demonstrates involvement with multicultural matters such as clubs, community work or areas of study focused on multicultural topics. 

Multicultural Council of Oshawa Durham Award – Sherise Bailey, English Literature
A student who has shown involvement in multicultural matters

Investors Group Financial Services Award – Taylor Dobbs, English Literature
A full-time student who has demonstrated leadership in campus activities and/or the community