Trent’s Manager of Recruitment Receives Ontario University Registrars’ Association Award of Excellence

March 30, 2017

Sasha Trivett’s leadership recognized for taking Trent’s recruitment to soaring heights

Each year, the Ontario University Registrar’s Association (OURA) recognizes university leaders who have achieved excellence within their respective fields. Recently, Sasha Trivett, manager of recruitment at Trent University, was recognized with an Award of Excellence at the OURA conference held in Toronto for her exceptional work.

Ms. Trivett is highly respected in recruitment circles broadly and is an active player in planning and coordinating provincial and national undergraduate recruitment activities. She participates in University committees, special projects and represents Trent at external events throughout the year. 

“I am honoured to be the recipient of this award and grateful to Trent for providing an environment where I can flourish and be part of a team that is making great gains in recruitment and enrolment of future Trent students,” said Ms. Trivett.

Ms. Trivett’s strength is in responding to enrolment needs with creative ideas and solutions for conversion. As a key leader within the institution, she researches and stays abreast of sector and market trends as they relate to Trent’s reputation and success in recruitment activities and overall enrollment planning.

“Sasha is well known in recruitment circles as that exceptional professional who represents Trent University and the university sector with poise and equanimity,” said Marilyn Burns, associate vice president of Marketing and Recruitment. “I am pleased to see Sasha recognized with this award. She has led her team to new heights in recent years and been a very key part of the institution’s recent successes in attracting new students.” 

Ms. Trivett is considered a builder, a connector and a collaborator; someone who respectfully engages with colleagues at all levels. At Trent, Ms. Trivett’s leadership in recent years has led to new milestones in recruitment success.