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Doctor's Charts & Operating Rooms

September 1, 2016

Undergraduate student prepares for a career in medicine

Soaking in every doctor’s chart, operating room procedure, and medical diagnosis with everything she’s got, Camille Quang is using her Trent internship experience to prepare for a successful career in medicine.

The fourth-year Biology student, who is pursuing a specialization in Health Sciences, applied for and earned a coveted spot in the Internship in Medical Sciences course at Trent and landed an enviable placement at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC). Yes, a medical internship placement in fourth-year undergrad!

Just like a med student

As an intern at PRHC, Ms. Quang has a first-hand view into the practices and decision-making processes that directly affect the well-being of patients. She closely observes the daily activities of physicians in four different fields as they interact with patients or consult with their medical team. She is currently following an anesthesiologist.

“Just like a medical student, I have the opportunity to listen to the explanations of every decision he makes, every move he takes and everything he does,” reveals Ms. Quang.

As a student, she feels her role is to blend the first-hand expertise learned from her internship with her classroom knowledge. 

Her Biology studies also enable her to apply her understanding of the pharmacology and physiology of certain drugs in an anesthesiology setting. During operations she can view structures within the human anatomy. 

The competitive advantage

“It has been such a tremendous revelation,” states Ms. Quang. “This internship is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for undergraduate students like me to get a glimpse into
the work life of physicians. I am honoured to have been chosen to participate in this program. This experience will be crucial in the next steps toward becoming a medical doctor.”

Dr. Leslie Kerr is an associate professor in Biology and the coordinator of the specialization in Health Sciences. Professor Kerr knows that besides hands-on experience, the internship offers students many added advantages including transferable skills such as organization, team work and professional communication skills.

Additionally, interns may be able to secure that valuable reference letter or gain a competitive advantage when applying for professional medical school in the future.

“The physicians at PRHC are all amazing at teaching not only the basics and obvious points of the profession but also the nitty-gritty,” said Prof. Kerr. “Students learn quickly whether they like the profession, which will inform them in modifying or continuing on their career path.”  

Learn more about Camille Quang’s internship at PRHC in a short video