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Cultural Studies

Film strips created by Cultural Studies students.

Cultural Studies

Courses by Year

Our courses are listed by year below:

In addition to the course code and the course name, they also include one to four categories:

  • A: Integrated Arts
  • B: Literature & Narrative
  • C: Film & Media
  • D: Culture & Theory

If you'd rather browse by category then by year, see Courses by Specialization. A fully described list of courses can be found in the Academic Calendar.


Year One

CUST 1500H: Introduction to the Study of Modern Culture D
CUST 1510H: Introduction to the Integrated Arts A
CUST 1520H: Introduction to World Literature B
CUST 1535H: Introduction to Media Studies C

Year Two

CUST 2016Y: Introduction to Visual Studies A, D
CUST 2029Y: Science Fiction B
CUST 2035Y/2535H: Media and Society C, D
CUST 2045Y: Music and Society A, D
CUST 2111Y: Workshop: Drawing A
CUST 2186H: Workshop: Photography A, C
CUST-WMST 2210H: Gender and Popular Culture C
CUST 2236H: New Media Literacy C
CUST-INDG 2300Y: Introduction to Post-Colonial Theory D
CUST 2522H/2022Y: Culture and the Novel B
CUST 2526H: Workshop: Narrative and Performance A, B
CUST 2527H: Surrealism and the Languages of Narrative B, D
CUST-ENGL 2528H: West Indian Storytelling (World Literature) B
CUST 2551H: Popular Culture and Modern Thought: Ideology, Language A, B, C, D
CUST 2552H: Popular Culture and Modern Thought: Gender, Globalization, and the Virtual A, B, C, D
CUST 2560H/2060Y: The Making of the Modern Body D
CUST 2572H: Workshop: Performance and Protest A
CUST 2581H: Introduction to Film I: What Is Cinema? A, C
CUST 2582H: Introduction to Film II: Film Movements, Film History A, C

Year Three

CUST 3029Y: Utopia (Future Fiction) B, D
CUST-CAST 3031H: Television in Canada C
CUST 3087Y: Community-Based Research Project A, B, C, D
CUST 3111Y: Workshop: Visual Arts Studio A
CUST-INDG 3128H: Indigenous Science Fiction and Speculative Storytelling B
CUST 3133H: Workshop: Game Design C
CUST 3139H: Workshop: Radio and Podcast C
CUST 3142H: Workshop: Experimental Music A
CUST 3143H: Workshop: Electronic Music A
CUST 3175Y: Workshop: Staging Ideas A, B
CUST 3184H: Workshop: Documentary Film A, C
CUST 3186H: Workshop: Experimental Film A, C
CUST-WMST 3250H: Queer Feminisms D
CUST-POST 3465H: Politics and Film C
CUST-POST 3475H: Media of Politics C
CUST 3515H/3015Y: Modernism and the Avant-Garde A, B, C
CUST 3522H/3022Y: Experimental Fiction B
CUST 3531H: Mass Media and War C, D
CUST-IDST 3532H/3032Y: Issues in Global Media C, D
CUST-COIS 3533H: Game Studies C
CUST 3535H: Television Studies C
CUST 3538H: Radio Studies C
CUST 3542H: Music Studies: The Black Atlantic A
CUST 3543H: Music Studies: Local Roots and Global Routes A
CUST 3545H: Music and Media – An Archaeology A, C
CUST 3550H: Studies in Cultural Theory D
CUST 3556H/3056Y: Place Matters – Art, Letters, Landscape A, D
CUST-POST 3571H/3570Y: Cultural Politics D
CUST 3572H: Workshop: Epic Theatre A, B
CUST 3573H: Workshop: Theatre of the Absurd A
CUST 3580H/3080Y: Text and Image A, C, D
CUST 3581H: World Cinema I: Experiment and Innovation A, C
CUST 3582H: World Cinema II: Images of Globalization A, C
CUST-ANTH 3748H: Anthropology of Animation C
CUST 3900Y/3901H: Reading Course A, B, C, D

Year Four

CUST 4010Y/4020D: Honours Thesis A, B, C, D
CUST 4035Y: Contemporary Topics in Media Studies C, D
CUST 4041Y: Internship in Media and Cultural Studies A, B, C, D
CUST 4070Y: Advanced Studies in Theatre and the Performing Arts A
CUST-HIST 4090Y: American Visual Culture C
CUST 4173H: Workshop: Adaptation and Performance A, B, D
CUST-FREN 4229Y: Quebec Science Fiction and Fantasy B
CUST-WMST 4250H: Queer Feminisms D
CUST-FREN 4302H: Francophone Cinema C
CUST 4512H: Arts of Conflict: Violence, Art, and the Irish Republican Army B
CUST 4515H/4015Y: Art Culture Theory A, D
CUST 4521H: Shipwrecks and Castaways B
CUST 4522H: Advanced Topics in Narrative: Handcuffed to (Literary) History B, D
CUST 4523H: Shapeshifters: Narrative Adaptations across Media B, C
CUST 4529H/4029Y: Advanced Studies in Science Fiction B, D
CUST-POST 4538H: Media Ecologies A, C, D
CUST 4550H/4050Y: Advanced Studies in Cultural Theory D
CUST 4565H/4065Y: Psychoanalysis and Cultural Studies C, D
CUST 4580H/4080Y: Text and Image A, C, D
CUST 4586H: Cinema in the Digital Age A, C, D
CUST-FREN 4611H: Literature and Contestation B
CUST 4900Y/4901H: Reading Course A, B, C, D