Faculty & Research

Faculty associated with the Computing Systems & Information Systems Programs:

Richard Hurley

Department Chair & Full Professor
BSc (New Brunswick), PhD (Waterloo)

OC 102.3, (705) 748-1011 ex. 7542, rhurley@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Distributed systems; Performance modelling; Liberated learning




Wenying Feng wearing a purple and white blazer with her arms crossed facing the cameraWenying Feng

BSc (Hebei), MSc (Shaanxi), PhD (Glasgow)
Wenying's Website

OC 102.9, (705) 748-1011 ex. 7249, wfeng@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Web Caching; Network Intrusion Detection; Nonlinear Spectral Theory and Applications; Boundary Value Problems



Brian Patrick looking at the camera with his hand on his chin and a lake behind himBrian Patrick

Associate Professor
BCS (Concordia), MSc (Queen’s), PhD, MBA (McGill)

OC 102.8, (705) 748-1011 ex. 7804, bpatrick@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Parallel job scheduling; Parallel algorithms; Information Systems




Sabine McConnell 

Associate Professor
BSc, MSc, PhD (Queen’s)
Sabine's Website

OC 102.7, (705) 748-1011 ex. 7803, sabinemcconnell@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Data mining; Astronomy


Omar Alam wearing a brown turtleneck sweater smiling at the cameraOmar Alam

Assistant Professor
BSc (King Abdulaziz), MSc (Queen’s), PhD (McGill)
Omar's Website

(705) 748-1011 ex. 7347, omaralam@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Model-Driven Software Engineering; Aspect-Oriented Modelling; Advanced Separation of Concerns; Software Architecture; Mining Software Repositories



Brian Srivastava wearing a black suit and dark sunglassesBrian Srivastava   


OC 102.6, (705) 748-1011, bsrivastava@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Artificial intelligence; Computer Graphics; Mobile development; Military simulation; Game Development