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Strands of DNA


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Summer 2018 Biology courses

The Biology Department is happy to offer the following summer courses. Consider doing a face-to-face courses during the summer, since some of them (e.g. Microbiology) have a wait list during the regular school year!

 S61 (first term)

  • BIOL-1020H-W-S01 Foundations of Biodiversity, web
  • BIOL-1030H-W-S01  Foundations of Cellular & Molecular Biology, web
  • BIOL-1050H-W-S01  Human Anatomy, web
  • BIOL-3140H-A-S01  Fish Ecology, Peterborough
  • BIOL-3250H-A-S01  Microbiology, Peterborough
  • BIOL-4510H-W-S01 Species At Risk Biology & Policy, web
  • BIOL-4901H-A-S01  Reading Course, Peterborough

 S62 (second term)

  • BIOL-1051H-W-S01  Human Physiology, web
  • BIOL-2050H-W-S01  Introduction to Genetics, web
  • BIOL-2070H-W-S01  Cell Biology, web
  • BIOL-2260H-A-S01   Introductory Ecology, Peterborough
  • BIOL-2260H-A-S02   Introductory Ecology, Peterborough
  • BIOL-2600H-W-S01  Evolution, web

Follow this link for more information about taking Summer Courses at Trent. Follow this link for more information about how to register for courses.


The 46th Southern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference (SOUSCC 46)

Congratulations to Jessica Chorolovski who won 1st Prize in Biological/ Medicinal Chemistry with her presentation, “Characterization of an unusual transcription factor in the protist
Giardia intestinalis

This is the third year in a row that a Trent Biochemistry student has won 1st prize in the Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Division at SOUSCC! This is an achievement that we are recognizing and celebrating.

The Southern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference (SOUSCC) is held every year at a different school. This year, it was held at Wilfrid Laurier University on Sat., March 24, 2018. There were 103 oral presentations and 33 poster presentations for a total of 136 presentations from more than 13 universities (U of T - all three campuses, Queen’s, Western, Brock, Waterloo, Guelph, Laurier, UOIT, Laurentian, York, Nipissing, Windsor, RMC). 


Congratulations to our Biology Department Scholarship winners!

Biology, Biomedical, and Biochemistry students received $14,800 in scholarships and prizes at the annual awards ceremony on November 1. This year, the Jean McKerracher Scholarships aimed at students intending to pursue a career in health services were awarded to Dayton Kelly and Sabateeshan (Saby) Matharavjah. Dr. The Charles Omole Scholarships for students intending to become medical doctors were awarded to Rubab Fatima, Maimoona Altaf, and Audrey Shakespeare; all of whom are currently taking the Medical Internship course and shadowing physicians at PRHC.

The Roy L Edwards Scholarship was awarded to Ken Mills for his work in terrestrial ecology, Peter Silk for aquatic ecology, and Madeline Trottier for terrestrial ecology. The Biology Department Scholarships recognize high academic achievement. They were awarded to Jenna Vander Velden and Laura Cota-Merlo. The Powles Prizes for excellence in fish biology went to Alexandra Hjort-Toms and Justin Werner. The Botany Prize went to Ryan Holt and the Goodhead Prize to Sarah Hunter. The Biology Department Book Prizes for high academic achievement in third year went to Glinton Hanover, Dmitry Shiryaev, Zakhar Krekhno, and Jacob Houpt. The Book Prizes for second year achievement went to Hailey Guertin, Neelkumar Patel, Amanda Roy, Denin Gray, and Tonya-Leah Watts. For outstanding achievement in first year, Book Prizes were awarded to Emily Horsey, Samuel Murray, Roselle Wright, Regan Caldwell, and Prahamya Balaranjan.

From Sabateeshan (Saby) Matharavjah, winner of one of the Jean McKerracher Scholarships:  "Trent has provided me opportunities which I wouldn't have dreamed of. Specifically, in the Biology program, where I have had the chance to work with kind, brilliant and wise professors like Dr. Robert J.Huber, Dr. Marguerite Xenopoulos, and Dr. Carolyn Kapron. It's been a tremendous ride, and I hope to take what I have learned at Trent to the next stage of my life". 

On behalf of the Biology Department, we congratulate all of the award winners and thank them for their hard work. We wish them all the best in the future.


Changing Biology Prerequisites

In 2018/19, Biology will change the requirement for prerequisites for our 3rd and 4th year courses. Before taking 3rd year courses, you will be required to have achieved 60% in the prerequisite course(s); before taking 4th year courses, you will be required to have achieved 65% in the prerequisite course(s). Pedagogical research conducted last year demonstrated that students who achieved the minimum 60% or 65% in the prerequisite courses were more likely to be successful in their third and fourth year courses.

This policy change will appear in the 2018/19 calendar instead of imposing it this year, to allow you a one-year grace period to prepare for this change.

Best of luck in your studies this year.


Biology Undergraduate Society (BUGS)

BUGS exists to provide biology students with an opportunity to meet and interact with other biology students, and to promote the awareness of the biological sciences.

Check out the Trent Biology Undergraduate Society Facebook page, and add them to your Blackboard homepage to stay up to date on events!