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2 male students standing in waders in a river collecting samples in the fall shade


The Experience

Undergraduate Studies

The Biology Department offers several different programs of study, from health sciences to ecology, and includes specializations, placements, and field courses. Check out Biology's undergraduate program options!

Graduate Studies

Students interested in Biology can register in a graduate program leading to an M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree. At Trent University, we pride ourselves on the interdisciplinary nature of our graduate programs. Rather than receiving a degree through an individual undergraduate department, students interested in graduate studies in Biology receive their degree through the Environmental & Life Sciences Graduate Program.

Get involved!

Our department supports student groups, including the Biology Undergraduate Society (see the Biology Undergraduate Society's Facebook page) and the Trent Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society (see the Trent Wildlife Society Facebook page). We are also always on the lookout for ambassadors who might help us in our open houses, at the University Fair, and other events. So get involved!