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Trent Centre for Aging & Society

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Trent Centre for Aging & Society


Undergraduate Studies

Centre faculty teach aging studies related courses in various undergraduate programs including Canadian Studies, English Literature, Gender and Women's Studies, Geography, History, Nursing, Psychology and Sociology.

Some examples of past and current courses include:

ANTH-BIOL 3460H - Biocultural Explorations of the Human Life Course 

GEOG-NURS 3820H - Health geography

NURS 4204H - Contemporary issues in aging and health

PHIL 2030H - Death

PSYC 3440H - Aging and cognition

PSYC 3550H - Adult development and aging: Psychosocial perspectives

SOCI 4420H - Aging and the lifecourse

SOCI 4023H - Aging and Sexual Diversity

SWRK 3101H - Social Work and Aging 

Undergraduate Courses

NURS-ECON-SOCI 2015H - Critical Perspectives on Aging (online and open to all students)

An introduction to aging from critical perspectives. Drawing on multidisciplinary perspectives within the Trent Centre for Aging and Society, this course provides a foundation for understanding and analyzing the meaning and significance of aging for individuals, communities, and societies. Topics include life course influences, representations and problematization of aging, and places for aging. Open to non-Nursing students.

UNIV 2000H - Foundations of Elder Abuse Education and Prevention

* Durham Campus* An introduction to elder abuse and strategies for elder abuse awareness and prevention. Developed by Elder Abuse Ontario and the Trent Centre for Aging & Society, this course provides a foundation for students intending to work with older adults in various sectors (health care, social services, education, business, etc.). Prerequisite: 4.0 university credits. 

Honours Thesis

The honours thesis represents an opportunity for upper year undergraduate students to work with TCAS members on a variety of high level research projects.Virtually every discipline can be accommodated but what you study will be determined by the availability of a supervisor with aligned interests. Get in touch - you'd be amazed at the breadth of possibility!

Past Examples of honours theses

Understanding the Transportation Challenges of Older Women Ageing in Place:  A Qualitative Case Study of Durham Region
Julian Ritchie (Honours BA geography thesis, 2011)
Supervisor: Dr. Mark Skinner

The importance of place and social networks to the well-being of elderly people: A case study of Royal Gardens Retirement Residence in Peterborough, Ontario
Ashley Clarkson (Honours BA Geography thesis, 2007)
Supervisor: Dr. Mark Skinner

“Voices Wanting to Be Heard”: A Case Study of Power and Resistance in Elderly Life Suzan Brodie (Honours BA sociology thesis, 1998)
Supervsior: Dr. Stephen Katz

Towards a Feminist Critique of Gerontology
Susan Lang (Honours BA sociology thesis, 1993)
Supervsior: Dr. Stephen Katz