"A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices."
- William James

Studying Philosophy at Trent

Whatever your reasons for studying philosophy, the Department of Philosophy at Trent is a great place to do it. Our philosophically diverse faculty and venues such as the student Philosophy Society, the Departmental Colloquium series, and the Ryle Lecture series make for a rich and exciting intellectual environment. We have a vibrant program with many majors in Philosophy and we encourage and expect diversity in our philosophy student population.

By subjecting fundamental questions to rigorous intellectual investigation, Philosophy students are encouraged to develop exacting analytical and problem-solving skills and to refine their capacities for clear expression and critical thinking. Students in Philosophy at Trent study enduring questions, including those about the nature of reality, the limits of knowledge, the validity of ethical and political claims, and the evaluation of works of art. Our courses encourage the development of students' own philosophic positions. They also help students cultivate their abilities to reason logically, to reflect on moral, legal, and political questions, to assess the presuppositions of the sciences, social sciences and humanities, and to develop a world view that does justice to the complexity of life.