#FacesOfTrentU: Combining Community Needs and Research

March 21, 2019

Hailey Rutherford, Psychology and Child & Youth Studies

Ms. Rutherford smiles in front of Durham library bookshelf

“As I started working with the community organization I’ve been with, I’ve seen all of the services that they offer and the help that it truly provides these people. Their day program gives members the chance to talk to people that understand what they’re going through.”


As a joint major Psychology and Child & Youth Studies transfer student, Hailey Rutherford has spent her time at Trent University Durham GTA maximizing the potential of her degree. Currently completing a practicum at the GTA campus, researching the determination of essential services in individuals who have acquired brain injuries, Ms. Rutherford is channeling her passion to understand the needs of this community from its members and members and support workers.


Ms. Rutherford took on the challenge of this practicum and research topic knowing the need for this data to be collected in the community and used to improve the lives of community members


“Going into this, I saw this as more than a practicum and I think that being able to bring out the results I think I am going to bring out, will really be able to affect the community, that is really larger than my practicum,” she said


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Trent University prides itself on providing an outstanding personal and interactive learning environment. This story is part of the #FacesofTrentU series, which highlights our many student success stories and the numerous dynamic programs offered at Trent.