Careerspace Launches at Trent University, Providing Students with Experience to be Career-Ready

March 12, 2019

Renewed focus on experiential learning and resource development brings career opportunities for Trent students into focus

A hand holding a compass overlayed with a white square and circle overlapping in the centre.

One of the biggest barriers for students to find real-world career experience has often been, ironically, their lack of experience – and it’s a paradox that the newly launched Careerspace at Trent University has a solution for.

The rebranded Careerspace will provide students with access to resources and real-world opportunities in the community, and the community with access to some of the best and freshest talent available: Trent University students.

“In our changing times, careers are emerging in different places and different spaces. Whether you see yourself behind a desk, in a field, on a stage, or around the world, Careerspace is ready to help you get there,” said Dr. Tom Phillips, director of Careerspace at Trent University. “Careerspace is more than an office space where the campus community can find resources – our team is working with students online, profs in their labs and classes, and companies and organizations in the community.”

A New Identity to Reflect Today’s Career Landscape
The new brand name, Careerspace, was developed to accurately reflect the broad and eclectic spectrum of career opportunities and “spaces” available to Trent students and alumni. The visual identity features three shapes – a triangle, a square and a circle – representing linkages between a student’s academic subject matter, in-class learning, and hands-on career experience. An ever-changing pattern of the same three shapes reinforces the understanding that every student’s career path is as unique as they are.

The new Careerspace provides students and recent graduates with an authentic outlook on the career landscape today and in the future by partnering internally with University faculty and collaborating openly with the broader business, social, and creative communities.

For Students and Alumni
Through external experiences and internal reflection, Careerspace helps students and recent graduates find insights into where they want their careers to take them, and how to best get there, through:

  • experiential learning opportunities that complement their academic program, including
    • co-op placements and internships with employers
    • community-based research projects with a range of organizations
    • hands-on research projects with professors
    • on-campus work opportunities
    • connections to volunteer experiences
  • one-on-one support
  • access to advice on their career aspirations and employment opportunities
  • resume help and a range of resources
  • connections to the Trent Entrepreneurship Centre and other campus services

For Employers and the Community
The Careerspace team is actively reaching out to employers and organizations throughout the region, the country and the world with opportunities to:

  • Host an internship, co-op or field placement
  • Engage in community-based research
  • Engage in a workplace project
  • Host a volunteer
  • Find a match between their needs and the talent and abilities of recent Trent grads:
    • Post your employment or experiential learning opportunities on Trent’s online Student Experience Portal and Student Job Board.
    • Showcase your organization at Careerspace events
    • Host an information session or table display
    • Conduct on-campus interviews
    • Connect with Clubs and Groups at Trent

For Faculty and Staff
Careerspace provides information and support to faculty and staff in areas such as funding for student positions, posting jobs, attending on-campus career events, and career development for students. The team helps faculty to make a connection for students between the academic subject they are passionate about and their future success.

“Making this connection improves student satisfaction and helps to build student confidence in their future,” said Kelly Zatorski, manager, Careers & Experiential Learning. “Understanding the opportunities in the full range of subjects allows students to fully immerse themselves in their learning and grasp how meaningful their education truly is.”

Services to faculty include:

The bright, new Careerspace office is centrally-located on the third floor of the Student Centre at Trent and is fast becoming a destination for the entire Trent community as they seek career resources and support. Whether they are new students seeking summer employment, established students actively engaged in their future, alumni building their professional or academic career, or faculty creating a link between academic subject matter and future success, everyone can find value at Careerspace.

Learn more about Careerspace at Trent University.

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