Trent Professor Named Deputy Editor-in-Chief for Limnology & Oceanography

June 23, 2017

Biology professor Dr. Maggie Xenopoulous to join editorial team of popular journal

Respected researcher and Biology professor at Trent, Dr. Maggie Xenopoulos, will add a new role to her current position, deputy editor-in-chief for popular journal, Limnology & Oceanography (L&O).

“I’m honoured to be selected as the first deputy editor-in-chief for Limnology & Oceanography one of the world’s premier journals in aquatic sciences,” said Professor Xenopoulos about the new role.  In the position, Prof. Xenopoulos will handle special and virtual issues of L&O and will assist the editor-in-chief with review, analysis, and synthesis of data on journal performance and publishing trends in the field.

Prof. Xenopoulos’ research examines how human activities affect ecosystem structure and function in lakes and rivers. Some of her current projects include the effects of urban and agriculture land use on dissolved organic matter dynamics, and ecosystem function of aquatic systems and the role of flooding and extreme climate events on nutrients and carbon. 

“I am delighted by the selection of Maggie Xenopoulos to be the first deputy editor-in-chief of Limnology & Oceanography,” said Bob Howarth, editor-in-chief of the journal. “Maggie is a strong and broad aquatic scientist who has excelled over the past few years as an associate editor and has done a great job as the lead editor of our upcoming special issue ‘Headwaters to oceans: ecological and biogeochemical contrasts across the aquatic continuum.’  I look forward to working closely with Maggie and the L&O team in making the journal even stronger.”