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Welcome Future Students

Considering a degree at Trent University? You’ve made a great choice. Trent University is a wonderful place to pursue your academic journey.

A Hub of Learning and Innovation

Building on a tradition of academic excellence spanning nearly four decades, Trent Durham offers a dynamic and rigorous education experience grounded in the social sciences and humanities and unparalleled in the Durham Region and eastern GTA.

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Psychology (B.A. or B.Sc.)

Psychology is defined as the scientific study of behaviour and the mind. You will study the principles governing behaviour through lectures, labs, seminars and research. Opportunities for participation in on-going faculty research include areas such as sleep, dreams, sexuality, anxiety, emotional intelligence, health, learned resourcefulness, language impairment, attachment, development, perception and memory. You will acquire both research skills and a broadly-based background in the basic content of the discipline, combined with the opportunity at upper levels to focus on more specialized topics.

At Trent University Durham you have the opportunity to complete either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts Psychology degree. You can also make it a joint major with other programs offered at the campus. You can complete a degree customized to your strengths and goals - if you can imagine it, you can do it with Trent University.

For more information about the Psychology program, please contact:
Durham Campus Enrolment Advisor, Tawny Weese
tweese@trentu.ca or 905-435-5102 ext 5003
Durham Campus Rm. 101.2 

Studying Psychology at TrentU Durham?
Your typical first year will look like this:

PSYC 1020H - Introduction to Psychology Part I: Experimental and Biological Bases of Behaviour
PSYC 1030H - Introduction to Psychology Part II: Social and Personality Perspectives
4.0 Elective credits  

Interested in pursuing a joint-major with Psycholgy? You would be required to take the neccessary introductory courses during your first year of study as well.

First Year Psychology Course Descriptions:

PSYC 1020H: Introduction to Psychology Part 1: Experimental and Biological Bases of Behaviour (Sc)
A survey of some of the major areas of psychology, including its historical development and scientific methodology. Includes material on statistics, the biological bases of behaviour, sensory and perceptual processes, as well as a consideration of cognition and memory processes.

PSYC 1030H: Introduction to Psychology Part 2: Social and Personality Perspectives (Sc)
A survey of some of the major areas of psychology. Includes material on statistics, child and adult development, motivation and emotion, intelligence, personality, health psychology, psychological disorders and their treatment, as well as consideration of some aspects of social psychology. 

Career Paths:

Advertising / Therapist / Counsellor / Crisis Intervention Officer / Human Resources / Marketing / Police Officer / Rehabilitation Advisor / Social Worker / Sports Psychologist / Technology and Design


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