Law and Arts / Law and Business (LL.B.& B.A. / LL.B. & B.B.A)

Not only will you graduate with two degrees in just six years, but you’ll also have the chance to take your education global while you learn, travel, explore, and live in two of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Trent/Swansea Dual Degree

If law is your passion, this is the program for you. This new dual degree program gives students the unique opportunity to complete both an undergraduate degree at Ontario’s #1 university and a law degree at one of the top law schools in the UK all in just six years. In this one-of-a-kind program, you will undertake either a Bachelor of Arts Honours or a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Trent, while also obtaining a law degree from Swansea University’s renowned Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law in the UK.

How the Program Works

The first two years of your degree take place at Trent, where you’ll pursue your choice of six degree options. In your third year, you’ll transfer to the picturesque coastal city of Swansea in Wales to complete three years of law studies, earning your Bachelor of Laws degree. Once your LL.B. is complete, you’ll return to Trent and receive your Honours degree credentials. By simultaneously taking several Canadian Law courses in your final years, you’ll be well-prepared for the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) exams, enabling you to take the other required steps to practice law in Canada.

Resume Boosters

  • Combining your law degree with your choice of B.A. or B.B.A. degree means that you will graduate with a unique set of skills and perspectives
  • Be career-ready sooner thanks to direct admission to a renowned and respected common law program upon completion of your first two years at Trent – no need to write the LSATs
  • Internationalize your degree and your experience by studying abroad in the UK
  • Join the Trent Law Society and benefit from field trips, workshops, and events, all with a focus on law and the legal system

Career Paths

  • Lawyer
  • Mediator
  • Arbitrator
  • Politician
  • Policy Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Law Clerk
  • Judge
  • Human Resources Professional
  • NGO Advisor
  • Ombudsperson
  • International Development
  • Paralegal

Popular Courses

  • Human Inequality in Global Perspective
  • The World Food System
  • Media and Development
  • Law, Rights, and Development
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Cause of War
  • Local Dynamics of Change
  • Global Migration
  • Global Health
  • Government and Politics in the Middle East
  • Critical Thinking

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • A minimum of six Grade 12 4U or 4M courses, including program specific prerequisites
  • ENG 4U with a minimum of 60%
  • A minimum of 80% overall final average. Students required to complete an internal application indicating the intent to continue onto studies at Swansea University. This application will be due in January of the students’ second year of study at Trent.