Information Systems & E-Commerce (B.B.A)

In today’s digital business world, those who become experts in harnessing the potential of information technology will be a step ahead. By completing this specialization, B.B.A students gain the knowledge and experience to become an e-business entrepreneur, digital consultant or a top employee in marketing, human resources, finance or operations.

The Specialization in Information Systems and E-Commerce (involving a total of 3.5 credits) is available to students in the B.B.A. Program.

The transcripts of students graduating with an Honours degree who have successfully completed the requirements of the Specialization will contain the notation "with a Specialization in Information Systems and E-Commerce".


Course Requirements for a Specialization in Information Systems and E-Commerce:

3.5 credits from ADMN 1620, 2620H, 3750, 3850H, 3870H, COIS 1010H either COIS 1020H or 1520H, and either COIS 3030H or 3400H