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a trent archaeology student wearing a blue jean jacket reads a book that is resting on his laptop


First Year Archaeology

First Year Courses

ANTH 1001H: General Anthropology (Sc): Anthropology is the study of humankind and anything to do with humans across time and space. This course surveys anthropology as a whole, emphasizing how biological, archaeological, linguistic, and cultural anthropology’s topics, methods, and findings combine to create a holistic understanding of humanity’s origins, prehistory, languages, and ways of life. Offered only in Durham.

ANTH 1002H: Applied Anthropology: This course surveys uses of anthropology to solve problems and achieve goals in business, sustainability, technology, development, health, education, forensics, politics, and careers. It explores ways anthropological research can improve the effectiveness of anything people set out to achieve, since humans are always part of the process. Offered only in Durham.

ANTH 1010H: Biological Anthropology I: Becoming Human (Sc): Focuses on the biology and behavior of humans, non-human primates, and fossil hominins. Students learn how human form and behavior is shaped by local environment, biology, and culture. Topics include human evolution, skeletal biology, mortuary archaeology, primate behavior, applied anthropology (medical and forensic), human growth, and development.

ANTH 1020H: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Covers topics such as the idea of culture and its role in shaping the way we see the world; the relationship between society and culture; and the role fieldwork plays in cultural anthropology. Students will read classic and/or contemporary ethnographies.

ANTH 1030H: Archaeology I: Accessing the Past (Sc): Explores the origin, development, challenges, and lessons of archaeological practice around the world, with a focus on specific, illustrative case studies drawn from the history of the discipline.