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trent archaeology students talk about a specific subject together on a table



We offer two undergraduate degrees in archaeology, a B.A. and a B.Sc. All archaeology students take certain courses in common, in order to attain a well-rounded basis in archaeology; they are also welcome to take courses from either degree. Choosing between the two is matter of each student’s individual nature and interests.

B.A. in Archaeology: learn archaeological method, theory, and practice, as they apply to various sub-fields of archaeology. This degree is suited to those who are interested in archaeology as a whole. Choose from two specializations:

  • Anthropological Archaeology – study the practices, discoveries, interpretations, and theories involved in the study of past cultures around the world.
  • Classical Archaeology – specialize in the archaeology of ancient cultures of the Mediterranean, particularly the Greeks and the Romans.

B.Sc. in Archaeology: focus on scientific approaches to archaeology, such as the studies of biological remains and the ancient environment; learn technical applications and theories for studying the spectrum from broad trends in human interactions with the physical landscape, down to detailed analysis of an individual find. There are no formal specializations within the B.Sc. This degree is suited to those who are interested in archaeology and are inclined toward the sciences and math.