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Faculty & Research

Full Time Faculty

Dr. Kenzu Abdella

Kenzu Abdella

Full Professor, Ph.D. (Western)

Gzowski College 339, 705 748-1011 x 7327, kabdella@trentu.ca

Research: Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods, Differential Equations, Fluid Dynamics

Dr. Stefan Bilaniuk

Stefan Bilaniuk

Associate Professor, Ph.D. (Dartmouth)

Gzowski College 337, 705 748-1011 x 7474, sbilaniuk@trentu.ca

Research: Combinatorial Set Theory, Projective Geometry

Dr. Wesley Burr

Wesley Burr

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (Queen's)

Gzowski College 335, 705 748-1011 x 7293, wesleyburr@trentu.ca

Research: Applied Statistics: Time Series, Spectrum Estimation, and Statistical Modelling.
Research projects in environmental epidemiology, physics and education.

Dr. Wenying Feng

Wenying Feng

Chair of Mathematics and Full Professor, Ph.D. (Glasgow)

Gzowski College 330, 705 748-1011 x 7249, wfeng@trentu.ca

Research Fixed Point Theory and Operator Equations, Differential Equations, Boundary Value Problems, Dynamical systems, Computational Approaches for Data Analytics, Neural Networks.

Dr. Haile Gessesse

Haile Gessesse

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (Alberta)

Gzowski College 334, 705 748-1011 x 7935, hailegessesse@trentu.ca

Research: Math Finance, Stochastic Analysis, Probability Theory, Functional Analysis

Dr. Elio Mazzeo

Elio Mazzeo

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (Toronto)

Gzowski College 343, 705 748-1011 x 7614, emazzeo@trentu.ca

Research: Dynamical Systems, Circle Maps, Renormalization and Rigidity, Chaos

Dr. Marco Pollanen

Marco Pollanen

Full Professor, Ph.D. (Toronto)

Gzowski College 370, 705-748-1011 x 7543, marcopollanen@trentu.ca

Research: Mathematical Finance / Economics and Applications, Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods and Computation, Mathematical User Interfaces and Learning Technologies

Dr. John Tabloom

John Talboom

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (Carleton)

Gzowski College 333, 705-748-1011 x7284, johntalboom@trentu.ca

Research: Representation Theory of Lie Algebras








Part Time Faculty

Michelle Boué

Instructor Ph.D. (Brown)

GCS 343, 705-748-1011, michelleboue@trentu.ca


Nicholas Faulkner

Instructor M.Sc. (Trent)

GCS 343, 705-748-1011, nicholasfaulkner@trentu.ca

Research: Equivariant Dynamical Systems; including continuous and discrete systems, bifurcation analysis and applications to coupled systems.


Nataliya Laptyeva

Instructor Ph.D. (Toronto)

GCS 343, 705-748-1011, nataliyalaptyeva@trentu.ca

Research: Number Theory


Fred Pulfer

​Instructor M.Sc., M.Ed. (Toronto)

Gzowski College 343, 705 748-1011, fredpulfer@trentu.ca

Research: Educational research.


Martin VanHoof

Instructor Ph.D. (Western)

Durham Campus, martinvanhoof@trentu.ca

Research: Sympletic Geometry.



Graduate Teaching Assistants

Francis Quinby

Math Resource Center, francisquinby@trentu.ca

Research: User Experience, Mathematical Software, Psychology, Eye-Tracking

Seyeon Kim

Math Resource Center, seyeonkim@trentu.ca

Research: Psychology, Statistics, Eye-Tracking

Sophie Castel

Math Resource Center, sophiecastel@trentu.ca

Research: Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Spectrum Estimation



Retired Faculty

Iswar Chakravartty

Emeritus, chakravarrty@trentu.ca
Research: History of Math, Wave Theory, Zeros

George Hamilton

Research: Mathematical Models, Partial Differential Equations

Jim Henniger

Research: Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory, Chaos

Skip Maxwell

Research: Statistical Inference, Estimation Intervals

David Poole

Research: Discrete Math, Ring Theory, Math Education