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Birds eye view of a table with 5 people brainstorming over all kinds of graphs and drawings

Future Students

Birds eye view of a table with 5 people brainstorming over all kinds of graphs and drawings


Accounting: the essential language of business. This specialization in the School of Business is designed to give you the opportunity to study accounting in depth and prepare for a potential future as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).

Accounting is an essential language and a key management system for all types of businesses, and the Specialization in Accounting is designed to allow BBA students to study accounting in some depth. Students who wish to pursue the CPA Ontario designation are strongly recommended to consult directly with CPA (cpaontario.ca) to learn more about the required courses and the processes for admission to the profession.


Graduating students who have fulfilled the requirements for a Bachelor of Business Administration may apply for a Specialization in Accounting if they have successfully completed the following 5.5 credits with a minimum grade of 65% in each and an overall average of at least 70%:

  • 3.5 ADMN credits consisting of ADMN 1021H, 2021H, 3021H, 3121H, 3200H, 3221H, and 3321H
  • 2.0 ADMN credits from ADMN 1620H, 3250H, 3700H, 3710H, 4301H, 4302H, 4303H, or 4710H

Program Coordinator

K. Collins, BA (Western), MA (Queen’s), PhD (Ottawa), LLM (Western), CPA, CGA

Degree Type

  • B.B.A.

The Trent Advantage

  • Prepare for your CPA designation or spring board to an MBA
  • Benefit from a human scaled approach to teaching, and the knowledge and expertise of a dedicated alumni community of business leaders and mentors
  • Acquire real-world professional experience through a variety of opportunities, including upper year for-credit internships, community-based research projects, the Trent Business Students’ Association, or participate in local and national student business competitions

Popular Courses

Career Paths

  • Accountant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Corporate Small-Business and Non-Profit